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From 1st October to 28th November. A little less than two months on the way to France – from Marseille to Paris – to raise awareness of respect for the environment at the time of Covid-19. the green initiative of activists Frdric Munsch ed Edmund Platt, who have grinded the 880 kilometers that divide the two cities to collect all the masks they came across on the way. Total accumulated devices: 6.300. A considerable number if we consider that each piece, made with petroleum derivatives such as polypropylene, employs between 400 and 500 years to degrade. In the meantime, it can turn into a real animal trap and give life to dangerous microplastics at risk of ending up on our plates.

That disposable masks could represent a strong threat to the environment due to Covid-19 had become clear from the first months of the pandemic. To limit their impact it would be enough to dispose of them properly, but it is enough to walk the streets of our cities to realize how widespread is the carelessness on the subject. People may think that throwing a mask on the ground is nothing, Munsch told the agency Afp – and for this reason we shoot with whole decks in plain sight, to give an idea of ​​what it means sum of so many indifferences. When we get to the entrance of the cities, we have hundreds, even thousands! And people are beginning to understand. Emblematic in this sense is the video posted on Instagram by Platt on the day of their arrival in Paris, to the applause of the people who were there waiting for them.

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As can be seen from the video, the two used extendable sticks to collect the masks. As possible vehicles of contagion, in fact, it was necessary to avoid touching them with the hands. They also said that they could tell when they were approaching a city precisely because of the increase in medical waste they found along the way. We collect the masks because they are there new ecological threat of the year – explained Platt, who also founder of the association 1 Dchet par jour (A piece of garbage a day, ed) -. This march, s to try to get them off the street, but also to sensitize as many people as possible to choose reusable cotton masks. Why when we say “disposable” masks it does not mean throwing them on the street. In Italy alone – think – according to an Ispra estimate, around 300,000 tons of waste, including gloves and masks, were produced from last May to today. It is therefore easy to imagine the consequences of their incorrect management on a global level. A challenge that calls everyone to do their part, also to remedy the negligence of others: Every time you collect a piece of garbage – Munsch and Platt concluded – as if you offered a hug or received a small thank you from the planet.

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