France, two million bookings for vaccines but rabies is on the rise no vax-

of Stefano Montefiori

After Macron’s announcement of the new requirements, the race to immunize is increasing so as not to be excluded

Vaccination day without an appointment yesterday in Strasbourg on the occasion of July 14: thousands of people rushed and queued for hundreds of meters in the hope of getting a dose, available “while stocks last”. The effect of Macron’s speech continues throughout France: citizens try to get vaccinated as soon as possible – two million bookings from Monday evening to yesterday – to be able to present the health pass now required to live an almost normal life. Without the double dose of the vaccine or a negative test done within 48 hours it will be impossible to go to the cinema or enter museums starting from July 19, and from the beginning of August to have a coffee at the bar, enter restaurants or shopping centers, get on a plane or a train for the holidays. The owner of a restaurant who welcomes a customer without a vaccine will risk a 45,000 euro fine.

“Vaccination saves lives and is the only way to end it with Covid – says the Minister of Health, Olivier Veran -. In France, in 30 large hospitalsi, 100 percent of patients recently admitted to resuscitation are not vaccinated. ‘ But it is above all the threat of not being able to enjoy the summer that is pushing millions of French to get vaccinated quickly: so far just over half of the citizens have received two doses, but if the vaccine race continues at this rate, the percentage is destined to increase rapidly.

President Macron has decided to break the delay and do away with understanding people who do not get vaccinated, now clearly indicated as lacking in civic sense. It is a field choice that is bearing fruit, given the explosion in bookings, but also provokes the predictable anger of the diehard «no vax». Yesterday 14 July, the day of the national holiday, about 20,000 people took to the streets throughout France to protest against what they call “the health dictatorship”. At the cry of freedom, freedom, in Paris, anti-vaccine militants – many in yellow vests – challenged the police by building barricades on boulevard Magenta, setting fire to the bins and throwing stones at the police. Tensions and tear gas also in Lyon, Montpellier, Bordeaux, Marseille, Nantes, Toulouse, Chambéry.

“This health pass business is just a trick to make the vaccine mandatory without saying it, and I don’t want to get vaccinated because they force me to,” Jeannette Giral, a 30-year-old employee, says in Paris. The vaccine becomes for some a form of political struggle, of an antagonistic choice towards the government, and it is no coincidence that in yesterday’s demonstrations many yellow vests returned to be seen. Nicolas Dupont-Aignan, a member of the far right and ally of Marine Le Pen in the last presidential elections, denounces a “health coup” by Macron.

What the no vax militants don’t say is how they plan to deal with the Delta Che variant is causing an alarming increase in infections, not only in France. Yesterday in Great Britain 42,302 new cases of Covid were recorded in 24 hours (and 49 deaths): the highest number of new infections since last January 15th.

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