Francesca Marcon: “From the vaccine I have pericarditis”, reports the volleyball player

From Francesca Marcon’s Instagram profile

The complaint comes via social media from volleyball player Francesca Marcon, who on Instagram expresses all her regret: “I state that I am not no vax, but I have never been convinced of doing this vaccine and I have had confirmation”.

Francesca Marcon, Instagram as a tool for reporting: “I have had and still have post vaccine pericarditis” continues. “Who pays the price for all this? Isn’t there a form of” compensation “for those who suffer health damage after getting the vaccine?”.

Francesca “Cisky” Marcon, long-time volleyball player and great successes, vented on social media: pericarditis, or the inflammation of the pericardial membrane, is not only giving her health problems but has also forced her to postpone the start of the volleyball season. The spiker from Conegliano, in fact, in these days should have participated in the Volley Bergamo meeting.

According to some researches, the risk of pericarditis after the administration of Pfizer and Moderna vaccines could be considered among the adverse reactions, but it is very difficult to say with certainty whether in the case of Francesca Marcon it is really a causal link with the vaccine or if it is only a coincidence, a chronological link, that after administration this pathology emerged.


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