Francesco Pizzocaro, the billionaire manager of Italian chemistry (in which Di Caprio also invests) –

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If you call him Healer, convinced to tickle his pride, he will look at you wide-eyed, incredulous and will immediately blow you away. I have never bought a company to restore it. In all the companies that I have bought, I have only seen opportunities to grow, to earn, to create jobs, development. Francesco Pizzocaro, 83, recently appointed Cavaliere del Lavoro, one of the masters of Italian chemistry. In less than forty years he created a group from scratch that is set to make a billion euro turnover in 2021.

Paduan by birth, high school to the classic Tito Livio, degree in industrial chemistry, Pizzocaro is yet another product of that great business school that was Montedison. He entered in 1968 after trying to help his father, a tailor in his hometown, who was widowed at the beginning of the war. I applied and they hired me in Milan – Pizzocaro recalls – as a category B employee, it was the beginning of my adventure. For almost two years they only made me go around the factories, to show me how such a complex machine worked. They also gave me commercial training. I had to learn.

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