Franck Louvrier wants his party to sign a “government contract” with Emmanuel Macron

Franck Louvrier has the solution to prevent any reform from being “stopped in the country”. The LR mayor of La Baule pleads for his party, which begins to elect its new president this Sunday, to enter into a “government contract” with Emmanuel Macron.

“Either we agree to conclude a government contract in transparency vis-à-vis our voters, or Emmanuel Macron will be condemned to immobility,” said Franck Louvrier in an interview with JDD.

Alliances “are already being forged on a daily basis in Parliament”

With a simple relative majority for the government in the Assembly, and without the possibility of massive recourse to the constitutional weapon of 49.3 to have the texts adopted, “any reform would then be stopped in the country”. “I don’t think that’s what the French expect from us”, insists this close friend of former President Nicolas Sarkozy, who argues that “alliances are already being forged on a daily basis in Parliament with the presidential majority”.

This call from Franck Louvrier comes as the Les Républicains party is holding the first round of its election this Sunday to choose a new president, between deputies Eric Ciotti and Aurélien Pradié, and senator Bruno Retailleau. If each of the three candidates has hardened his speech during the campaign to better stand out from the macronie, the mayor of La Baule is worried about a possible rapprochement with the far right, synonymous for him with “end of the Republicans”.

“Today, I have doubts about the tightness of our party. I did not hear the three candidates, in this internal campaign, reject urbi et orbi the union of the rights for the years to come, ”he laments. In particular, he pinpoints the strategy which consists of “returning Emmanuel Macron and Marine Le Pen back to back”, “instead of clearly expressing a systematic opposition to the RN”.

“In its history, the right has never won alone” and has therefore “formed alliances, with the centrists in particular, refusing any agreement with the extreme parties”. “So if we want to win again, who do we have to ally with? Not asking this fundamental question means refusing to discuss the conditions for a possible victory”, is alarmed Franck Louvrier again.


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