Frank Ulrich Montgomery calls for a nationwide ban on Christmas markets

Bless you Frank Ulrich Montgomery

Concern about virus variant “as dangerous as Ebola”

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association and the German Medical Association

Frank Ulrich Montgomery, President of the German Medical Association and the German Medical Association

Source: dpa / Guido Kirchner

He expects a double corona incidence within ten days: The chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, is therefore calling for the Christmas markets to be closed nationwide. He is also worried about virus variants that could be “as dangerous as Ebola”.

Dhe chairman of the World Medical Association, Frank Ulrich Montgomery, warns of the emergence of dangerous variants of the corona virus. “My great concern is that there could be a variant that is as infectious as Delta and as dangerous as Ebola,” he told the newspapers of the Funke media group.

He expects the corona incidence to double within the next ten days. “We could have incidences between 700 and 800 during St. Nicholas Week,” he said. All measures to combat the corona pandemic that are still being taken – even contact restrictions or lockdowns – would only begin to take effect with a delay of two weeks.

The nationwide seven-day incidence indicates the number of new infections per 100,000 inhabitants within a week, and has been recording new highs every day for almost three weeks. According to the Robert Koch Institute (RKI) on Saturday morning, the value increased to 444.3.

Years of vaccination necessary

The new South African variant B.1.1.529 is a good example of the fact that the virus should not be given a chance to mutate. To prevent further variants, it will be necessary to vaccinate the world for years to come, said Montgomery.

An Ebola infection usually leads to a high fever and internal bleeding and is very often fatal.

“There is nothing we can do about the fact that on the day of Olaf Scholz’s election for Chancellor the numbers will be dramatically high,” said Montgomery. The chairman of the World Medical Association called for a strict reduction in contacts and for the Christmas markets to be closed nationwide in order to lower the infection curve again.

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Virus around blood cells

Without medication, around 50 percent of the sick die, although the proportion can be significantly lower or higher, depending on the type of virus. The Ebola outbreak with the most serious consequences to date was in West Africa in 2014/2015, when more than 11,000 people were killed.

“We should close the Christmas markets”

He also called for the infection curve to be lowered again. “We should therefore close the Christmas markets nationwide. There is no point in banning the Christmas markets in one region if people then go to another where they are still open, ”he says according to the preliminary report.

This Christmas market is only allowed to open for one day

First “Ho, ho, ho”, now “Oh, oh, oh”. This Christmas market in Frankfurt is over after a day. The state parliament wants to ban further operation due to the corona situation.

Source: WELT / Thomas Vedder

Countries and municipalities should also ban larger celebrations, fireworks and private gluttony across the board on New Year’s Eve. “This not only prevents contagion, but also relieves the emergency clinics.” If the incidences cannot be brought under control, the federal states would have to be able to close nationwide businesses again or impose curfews.



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