Frankfurt Fashion Week advertises in special places

Frankfurt Fashion Week advertises in special places

RRomantic ruffles, finest embroidery, silky flowing leather and pocket watch prints on different materials: Albrecht Ollendiek inspired with his elegant creations. The guests Sevinc Yerli had invited to the end of the guest performance of their Frankfurt Fashion Lounge in the Carmelite Monastery gave him a standing ovation. The presentation of the Frankfurt couturier’s new collection was the highlight of the fashion shows in the historic cloister. Since Wednesday, the Fashion Lounge shows can be seen on the roof of the Hotel Sofitel at the Alte Oper.

There, the Shero Agency presented a show dedicated to sustainable fashion and diversity, which was characterized by the fact that it was not professional models who presented the clothes, but influencers who otherwise record the shows with their cell phones on the edge of the catwalk to share them via their social -Media channels – which of course they still do and give this show as well as the others of the Frankfurt Fashion Week a wide reach in the digital world.

Three-month program for young designers

The concept for this was conceived by Shero entrepreneurs Sanu Sara Durmaz and Melina Johannsen, who specialize in sustainability. “We want to give a platform to sustainable issues and thus set an example against ongoing climate change, excessive consumption and the effects on future generations. Being part of the solution is our responsibility,” say the Shero entrepreneurs.

Expressive: A work by Albrecht Ollendiek.

picture series

Frankfurt Fashion Week

Pictures of the shows

Afterwards, young talents from the Fashion Lounge’s mentoring program presented their boutique collections. “So that the fashion location Frankfurt can count on young creatives in the future,” Sevinc Yerli and her Fashion Lounge, together with the Frankfurt Economic Development Agency, the Rhein-Main tailors’ guild and the August Pfuller Fashion Concept Store, have developed a program to support and professionalize young talents in the developed in the field of sustainable fashion production.

In addition to the show, the young designers will receive a three-month program that includes a presentation area at Pfuller on Goethestrasse from September 15 to October 15, as well as individual specialist advice on cut, processing and material and mentoring from the business development agency. From Thursday onwards, Urban Street Style and skate culture around the Hauptwache will be the focus of the fashion week – thanks to the skate week, which has been integrated into the program.


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