Frankfurt: Seniors hurt themselves – only to blame their neighbors

Neighborhood dispute: Seniors injure themselves – and blame the injuries on the neighbors

The Frankfurt Regional Court sentenced the couple to several years in prison

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A 70-year-old couple is said to have injured themselves and even broken their noses – only to pin it on their neighbours. What began as a harmless argument has now ended up in the Frankfurt District Court.

For years, an elderly couple has massively harassed their neighbors and denounced them with criminal charges. The two 70-year-olds also staged crimes up to physical harm themselves. A court now agreed with this view.

It probably started with harmless disputes in the neighborhood, but these escalated more and more. In April 2016, the first indications appeared that the couple was stalking their neighbors. The suspicion at the time was: “re-enactment and falsification of evidence-relevant data to the detriment of their neighbors”. The police then searched the couple’s home.

Elderly woman injured herself – and wanted to blame her neighbors

In order to refute the suspicion against themselves, the two 70-year-olds decided to file a complaint themselves. Between 2016 and 2018, they filed various criminal charges – both against people from the neighborhood and against unknown persons. They are said to have been aware “that all reported events were staged by them,” according to the public prosecutor.

The dispute culminated in the elderly woman filing a complaint for assault. Said injuries included bruises, scrapes and even a broken nose. As part of the court process, extensive evidence was taken with numerous witnesses, often questioned several times. However, the Frankfurt Regional Court came to the conclusion that all allegations against the neighbors were unfounded and that the woman had apparently inflicted the injuries herself.

Frankfurt: neighborhood dispute: seniors injure themselves - and push the injuries to the neighbors

Prosecutor: “Extremely complex procedure”

On Friday, the court sentenced her and her husband to three years in prison each. The penalty consisted of eight individual penalties for the man and five individual penalties for the woman. The couple were arrested in the courtroom. A spokeswoman for the Frankfurt public prosecutor’s office called the process an “extremely complex process” that lasted for almost a year.

Sources: FAZ, picture, dpa


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