Fraud 2 employees suspended in co-operative society Dinamalar

Seyyar: In a cooperative credit union, two employees were ‘suspended’ for scapegoating the money of senior citizens.

Thiruvannamalai District, Thiruvathipuram, Primary Agriculture Co-operative Credit Union has more than 4,000 members. Last week, one of the senior citizens who ‘deposited’ money here went to withdraw money for his own expenses. Then, he was shocked to see that there was a difference between the amount in the document given to him and the amount in the document in the office.

In this regard, a complaint was made to the district registrar of the cooperative department, Kalyanakumar. When he conducted an investigation, it was found that there has been an irregularity in the deposited money. Subsequently, Thiruvathipuram Primary Agriculture Cooperative Credit Union Secretary Sethuraman and Clerk Vimala ordered to ‘suspend’ both.

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