Free Apps and Games (Regular Sale) 28 Mar 2023 iPhone, iPad, Android Quick Load

Free Apps and Games (Regular Sale) 28 Mar 2023 iPhone, iPad, Android Quick Load

Daily Free Apps and Games iPhone, iPad, Android Introducing Samurai Fighting Ninja Shadow and Concrete Defense 1940 Today team gathered Hundreds of baht worth, click to load quickly before raising the price.

iPhone, iPad Apps and Games

Samurai Fighting Ninja Shadow Free Giveaway (Regularly $9.99) The city of Shraizumi is attacked by the evil wizard Ronin. and the entire population was wiped out. to bring people back and save his city The samurai Yukimura is about to fight the Ronin and reclaim what is rightfully his. Free download on the App Store

FocusDots: Tomato Focus Timer Free (Regularly $1.99) It’s a simple time management app that will increase your productivity. It’s a beautifully designed timer to improve your focus on tasks and discard activities that can distract you. Free download on the App Store

TouchRetouch: Photos Retouch Free (Regularly $3.99) Your portable app for removing unwanted stuff from photos on the go. It gives your photos a clean look while saving you valuable time. Free download on the App Store

Metabrush Free (usually $2.99) Easily turn your photos into paintings. The resulting image will look very artistic. Over 500 brush bitmaps and support for importing Photoshop brushes (.abr). Free download on the App Store.

Android apps and games

Concrete Defense 1940: WWII To Giveaway (usually ฿31.00) This hardcore tower defense game will take you back to the WWII battle zone, experience the historical battles. Beautiful graphics and great sound effects. Free download on Play Store

Fall of Reich – WW2 Allied Sie Free Giveaway (usually ฿31.00) This time the player will act as a German commander to defeat the invasion of Allied forces. Hurry up, build bunkers to protect your BaseCamp. Free download on Play Store.

Flashcards Club – Create/Share Free Giveaway (usually ฿125.00) It’s a new, faster and better way to create flashcards. Text, images, video and audio can be combined on each side. Free download on Play Store

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