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The DMK government announced free travel in local government buses for the upliftment of women in Tamil Nadu. In order to examine the extent to which the benefit of this project has reached women, a study was carried out by the Tamil Nadu Project Committee in three districts namely Nagapattinam, Madurai, Tirupur and additionally in Chennai.

Information was obtained from 416 women in Nagapattinam, 422 women in Madurai and 437 women in Tirupur and the report was submitted to the Chief Minister recently. According to the report, the survey was carried out in three districts namely Nagapattinam – Madurai – Tirupur on the basis of surveying women going to different types of work.

The study concluded that:

  • 48% women are above 40 years of age and 52% women are below 40 years of age who can travel through women free bus travel scheme.
  • 40% of women are able to go to work on their own without depending on their families, and the free bus travel scheme for women is helping them.
  • Working women can save an average of Rs 888 per month through the free bus travel scheme.


  • Women who can go to different types of work can save from Rs 756 to Rs 1012 per month.
  • A survey conducted in Chennai on the Broadway – Kannagi Nagar, Koyambedu – Tiruvottiyur, Tambaram – Chengalpattu routes showed that women travel on the city bus 50 times a month under the Women’s Free Bus Travel Scheme. from this They save an average of Rs 858 per month.
  • The average monthly salary of women availing the women free bus travel scheme is under 12,000 per month.


  • The women use the amount saved through this scheme for the essential needs of the family.
  • Passengers feel that the number of free buses is less. Due to this, commuters report that women are forced to use alternative transport that can be paid for and is faster.

This is stated in the research report.


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