French Rafale fighter jets landed at Sulur, Coimbatore Dinamalar

French Rafale fighter jets landed at Sulur, Coimbatore  Dinamalar

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New Delhi: In an unprecedented manner, the French Air and Space Defense Team, which has traveled a distance of 16,000 km as part of military operations in the Indo-Pacific region, landed on the 10th at the Air Force Base in Sulur, Coimbatore with Rafale fighter jets. This exercise of the French Air Force is to be held from August 10 to September 18.

The Rafale fighter jets, which were deployed on the 10th, left for the New Caledenia island region under French control in the Pacific Ocean after refueling the next morning (August 11).

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A statement issued by the French Embassy in Delhi said: Between 10 and 11 a.m., a French team of Rafale fighter jets landed at Sulur Air Force Base for a technical test amid a long-haul flight from France to the Pacific.
In the first leg of this mission, the aim is to send an air force team from France to New Caledenia in 72 hours and demonstrate the might of the French Air Force. Our thanks to the Indian Air Force for welcoming the French team.

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The move by France demonstrates the mutual trust between the air forces of the two countries. Both armies have Rafale fighter jets, boosting confidence. India and France signed an agreement on military logistics assistance in 2018. India has signed with USA, Singapore, South Korea, Japan and Australia.

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