From Afghanistan to Syria, the war in the eyes of the girls –

from Antonella Gesualdo

As the face of Steve McCurry’s Afghan girl in 1984, so today the Syrian girl photographed by Delil Souleiman for AFP reminds us of the pain of the peoples at war

Like the face of the Afghan girl portrayed by photographer Steve McCurry in 1984 who became the icon of the dignity and self-denial of her people, so is the face of this Syrian girl (photo by Delil Souleiman/Afp) immortalized in a refugee camp near the city of Raqqa, reminds us of a crisis now in its eleventh year.

Thousands of Syrians are forced to flee, more than 6.5 million children and women. What is most worrying is the lack of food: there are about 553,000 chronically malnourished children. In the country, 60% of the population go hungry, often causing a dramatic impact on the mental well-being of minors.

The photo taken by McCurry in a refugee camp in Peshawar, Pakistan, was of 12-year-old Pashtun Sharbat Gula, later found by the same photographer 17 years later. Published on the cover of the magazine National Geographic in June 1985, it went around the world and became the symbol of the endless Afghan war.

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