From Bologna to Boston with a green message, Laura Fantini conquers the public

From Bologna to Boston: hyperrealist artist Laura Fantini conquers overseas audiences with her works of art with a strong ecological message

the artist Laura Fantini is originally from the city of Bologna, but he has exhibited in the States for years and is slowly conquering his place in the world of contemporary art thanks to his works with a hyper-realistic style and the strong message that accompanies them. She is increasingly appreciated by the American public and beyond – she boasts numerous important exhibitions, including one at the Staten Island Museum from New York and one to the Permanent of Milan– its collectors come from different corners of the planet (Japan, USA, United Kingdom); to unite them despite different cultures and languages, love for nature and respect for it; the same that Laura conveys with her deliberately realistic, unconsciously poetic paintings.

The works of Laura Fantini tell of plant, leaves, fiori, semi: the latter are – not only in the plant world – the origin of everything. The seed is the basic element of every form of life, the smallest atom of tangible matter which in its delicacy and fragility, if cultivated with care, becomes a promise of prosperity and beauty. It is precisely the origin of life that the artist wants to tell, and he does so wisely through the use of artistic technique and color, creating drawings as realistic as a photograph, but with the poetry that only a work of art made by hand can return.

And it is precisely to the seeds that the last exhibition is dedicated Laura Fantini has signed: in collaboration with theArnold Arboretum of the prestigious Harvard University (Boston), from 3 to 30 May in fact it was possible to admire in the exhibition space of the university center – an authentic open-air museum – about forty drawings signed by the Bolognese painter. The exhibition is titled Seeds for Tomorrow: Woody Plants of the Arnold Arboretum, in which each work has the word Hope as its title and the term (particularly evocative, especially in light of the latest international news), refers precisely to the hope that each seed carries with it; the seed is a metaphor for a new beginning, growth, transformation, evolution: all phases that Laura (like many of us) hopes will soon materialize for current and future generations.

The drawings of Laura Fantini they are all made with the technique of colored pencil on cardboard; the simplicity of the raw material skilfully handled by the artist returns stylistically perfect flowers, seeds and plants, with a sophisticated appearance.

Laura Fantini realizes her paintings between New York e Bologna, beloved hometown to which she loves to return as soon as possible. She has always been shy and introverted, since she was a child she has used art as a means of communication and expression. Through her colored pencils, she tells the emotions and thoughts she feels in the most intimate and profound part of herself; through her art, she wishes to invite viewers to stop for a moment, distance themselves from the frenzy and speed of the world around us, take a deep breath and admire the beauty of nature that is around us.

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