“From Draghi unhappy phrase about health workers”

“I think that President Mario Draghi’s, on health personnel not on the front line not to be vaccinated immediately, was an unfortunate, poorly expressed phrase. I think Draghi meant that, in addition to health professionals, there are other people who have been inserted before due. And I believe that his clarification, although not expressed in an optimal way, did not refer to health workers, but to those around them. And this is exactly what happened, with the vaccination of administrators in hospitals “. Thus comments Filippo Anelli, president of the Federation of Orders of Doctors and Dentists (Fnomceo), the sentence that Prime Minister Draghi pronounced yesterday at a press conference, sparking various controversies. “What we do not want – said Draghi – is that these audiences of health personnel suddenly widen to include many people who are not on the front line. The responsibility for this lies with everyone”.

“I had the impression, following the press conference – observed Anelli – that the president was referring to the staff who were not on the front line. And it is true that this happened: with their own interpretation, many Regions did not follow the Government vaccination plan “, underlines the president of the doctors, recalling that vaccination is now mandatory for health personnel.

“We fully agreed – says Anelli – on the fact that health workers necessarily had to vaccinate. At the beginning in many cases they were not vaccinated because it was decided to vaccinate all hospital staff, including administrators who could easily wait because they did not they were at the forefront. And it is these choices that I believe the president was referring to. ”

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