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A long year in the trenches against the pandemic also told by the images of nurses exhausted from work or struggling with activities related to Covid departments. There are many photos or videos that, also thanks to social media, have become iconic fragments of a long year of emergency. The dramatic scenes of the first wave with the operators in white overalls and double protective masks, slumped after hours and hours of grueling shifts in the ward, recall the fundamental role of nurses on the occasion of the World Day dedicated to them, which is celebrated tomorrow .

Many will remember the photo of the young nurse Alessa Bonari with her face swollen by the signs of the mask after a day of work or that of her colleague Elena Pagliarini, from the emergency room of the Cremona hospital, photographed by a colleague when at the end of the shift, exhausted, she had fallen asleep with her head on the computer keyboard, with her mask and gown still on. The phrase ‘Everything will be fine’ marked the first wave and many operators wore it written on white overalls and on social media there are hundreds of photos in Covid departments to support patients. In Milan, the artist Lapo Fatai has dedicated a mural to all health workers with a nurse who moves her mask and smiles, making ‘ok’ with her hand.

Then there were those like Mirko Lagotto, Livoli nurses, posted the video of his preparation before going to the ward on the notes of ‘A sense’ by Vasco Rossi. The rocker saw the video and replied on social media: “We’re tough they last!”. But there were also images of rebirth such as those of V-Day on December 27, 2020 at Spallanzani in Rome, when the vaccination campaign in Italy began. The image of the first vaccine, the smile of the nurse Claudia Alivernini gave a shock of optimism to the country, even if afterwards it was the victim of no-vax attacks.


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