From family homes to school Stories of children and redemptions

twelve o’clock, April 4, 2021 – 10:34 am

Mariangela, Emilio and other “special” stories coinciding with Easter Sunday

of Giancarlo Visitilli

L’egg has a round shape. Contains. Protects and hatches. In every egg there is a surprise, even in the most bitter, and not because it is dark. Mariangela, now eighteen, entrusted to a family home at 13. «I used to beat the road in exchange for money to give to those I find it hard to call mom and dad. Here – in the family home where she has lived for 5 years – are my many mothers, fathers, brothers and sisters. I was born here ». Mariangela is a surprise, reborn where she has nursed foster care, trusting. “Thirteen years old, I couldn’t realize, I didn’t go to school, I didn’t hang out with friends. I only had orcs for friends. Even if you tell me that Shrek exists, to me the orcs remain evil and male. ‘ They are the ones who took advantage of a little girl, from whom “they took everything away”. Even love, a kiss, a caress, the grip «had become dirty things for me. It was very hard trying to believe me, as you say, a fortune in an egg where I was locked up, not to protect myself, to get out ». And Mariangela went out. She managed. She started going back to school, «I would have liked to go to high school, but when the principals and teachers know that you come from the foster homes … I settled for a technical institute. But it was nice all the same ». Because Mariangela, together with a «very painful» path of psychotherapy, «with the help of school and the help of my other friends» was able «to achieve what I still don’t believe in». Today Mariangela is enrolled in the first year of psychology. “I’ll be a psychologist.” In fact, it has been for years in the community. In many situations she cared for those who were taking care of her in the meantime. “One day, I will be able to say that I was a woman of the street and then, hopefully, I can help others find her, the way.”

The role of the social worker

And then there is Emilio, met through his social worker, Rosanna Montesano. “My father has been in prison for many years, mom …”. Emilio’s father is a drug addict, «he writes to me from all the prisons he goes to and from the therapy houses where he doesn’t last – he says -. I know everything about him, dad even tried … mom noticed it ». At 12, Emilio is an adult child. When he is in front of the judges, «I always admit that I have an anger that I can no longer control. I always have bad thoughts, I’m afraid of becoming like dad, but he remains an idol ». Emilio’s parents have lost parental authority. “I’m ashamed of Mom when she’s drunk.” Thanks to the school and the social worker, Emilio has learned to address anger and fears. The shortcomings. Draw seascapes, always inhabited by fish. Because they use a language without words, made of air. He says: “I am out of breath when I think of what I want to become, and so also every time I have been my father’s father and my mother’s mother”. Emilio loves sport. “I used to boxing to feel as strong as him. But I like the theater and I can play the violin. I am bored at school, because school like this bores people like me. But in school I learned the epic. I like it very much. When I grow up I would like to be like UIisse, because he never comes. But he always walks ».

April 4, 2021 | 10:34

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