From Holon to the world: The first children’s cinematheque is underway

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A unique cinema built and designed especially for children, the first in Israel and the first of its kind in the world, which deals with bringing boys and girls closer to the wonderful art of cinema. The complex will be open all days of the week and the prices are affordable

Posted on: 22.11.21 06:29

Holon Municipality and Meditech Holon launch for the first time in Israel the Children’s Cinematheque – an experiential cinema for children with unique content and design, which aims to bring children closer to the art of cinema. The complex will be an integral part of Meditech Within its framework: the Meditech Theater for Children and Youth, the Holon Museum of Design, the Israeli Museum of Cartoons and Comics, the Center for Digital Art, the library network and the “Culture and Knowledge” system, and of course the Holon Cinematheque.

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The Children’s Cinematheque will offer a unique film viewing experience for children and the whole family that will include classic and contemporary films, international films from different countries that are not shown in commercial cinemas, silent films accompanied by live music, as well as new films and pre-premieres. In addition, there will be special screenings on various topics, featuring film clips that have been edited and adapted especially for children. The film screenings will be accompanied by a variety of cinematic enrichment activities that include, among other things, an international film festival for children, dubbing workshops, an animation workshop, a special effects workshop, a make-up workshop and more. The children (and their parents) can relax on the colorful sofas specially designed for family viewing or with friends, eat popcorn for only 10 shekels (!), And watch movies on a big screen, with the most advanced projection and sound systems in the world, just like watching movies, not home screens.

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The complex will operate throughout the week (including Saturdays) and its activities will include the screening of unique films that the Cinematheque will bring especially alongside the screening of new films for children and youth. In addition, there will be special screenings that will be delivered accompanied by lectures and workshops, meetings with creators, actors, directors and screenwriters, various workshops for children (acting, animation and more), an international film festival for children and more.

Alon Rosenblum, director of the Holon Cinematheque and the Children’s Cinematheque: “As someone who grew up from a young age in a cinema that my grandfather built in Ramat Gan (” Orde “, the first cinema in Ramat Gan) I was drawn to magical worlds, exciting stories, different cultures and intensified emotional experiences. The Children’s Cinematheque will try to recreate this experience We will be a cinema for curious and exploratory children, we will allow the child to discover his private world and learn about his feelings while discovering the magical and exciting world of cinema and through it the world we live in. Our unique film program will combine new and old cinema, popular and quality films From all over the world in different languages, exciting stories aimed at children and those who also appeal to a more mature audience. We will take the children on journeys to strange worlds, in distant galaxies and we will also deal with stories close to home. For parents to return to their childhood, to their nostalgia, and to experience it again with the children. “

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Danny Weiss, CEO of Meditech: “Precisely at a time when the entire cultural world was dealing with survival, we here at Meditech continued to create and produce, and now we are proud and excited to present our new product – the Children’s Cinematheque. This is a new cultural institution that is unparalleled in Israel and around the world, both in the content it will provide and in its design and form. Its purpose is to expose children to the art of cinema, to broaden their socio-cultural perspective and to give them access to other cultures, other languages ​​and different customs and ways of thinking. The Children’s Cinematheque will integrate with the rest of the extensive cultural activities at Meditech in the fields of theater, literature, design, comics and more, which together create a unique, high-quality and accessible multidisciplinary cultural institution. “

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