From Jennifer Aniston to Kate Moss: the skincare secrets of the big stars

Age is just a number: Even after crossing the age of 50, they continue to turn heads and make us wonder if they discovered the method to stop time – from Jennifer Aniston to Naomi Campbell, this is how they do it.

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Lemon water and meditation – Jennifer Antiston

Even 18 years after the last episode of the popular series “Friends” aired, the star Jennifer Aniston remained in consciousness as Rachel. And while the rest of her members of the mythological cast show the changes of time, it seems that time has less of an effect on her, but how?

Last April, the actress shared with First For Women magazine how she maintains a youthful appearance even at the age of 53. According to Aniston, her daily routine starts in the morning with warm lemon water. After that, she works out in ‘climbing aerobics’ classes and ends the routine with meditation. (And if she says this is the method, we went to heat lemon water).

Baths, and lots of them – Kate Beckinsale

British actress Kate Beckinsale The 49-year-old does not flaunt a typical skincare routine and presents a more modest approach. “I didn’t really have a skincare routine until I was much older, probably in my late thirties, early forties,” Beckinsale told PEOPLE magazine.

According to her, the combination between good genes and little exposure to the sun is what slows down the aging process of her skin. But her real secret is actually – baths. “Every day, no matter what,” she says.

Kate Beckinsale, on the red carpet of the fashion awards ceremony in London (Photo: REUTERS/Henry Nicholls)

“I can’t go from day to night unless I’ve taken a bath,” shares Beckinsale, “I can get a room in a hotel with cockroaches, but if there’s no bath I’ll ask to change rooms.”

Creams and skincare routine – J. Lo

On her 53rd birthday, about a week after she married Hakob Ben Aflak, she launched Jennifer Lopez A series of new JLo Body care products from JLo Beauty, and a nude campaign designed to focus on one of the biggest successes in her life – her body.

Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Instagram screenshot)Jennifer Lopez (Photo: Instagram screenshot)

After working with scientists, collecting the best ingredients and countless experiments, Jennifer Lopez revealed that she managed to crack the product so that it delivers results. Pink peppers to fade stretch marks, guarana seed extract to smooth, caffeine to firm, peptides to boost collagen production, powerful moisturizers, shea butter and hyaluronic acid. “We don’t just take a random cream and put my name on it, it really works,” she said.

One meal and a salt bath – Naomi Campbell

British model and actress, Naomi Campbell, still turning heads even at the age of 52. In an interview about two years ago, she admitted that she only eats once a day – and that too in a controlled manner. Her private chef for the past ten years, Shawn John, previously said that Campbell prefers one healthy and good meal a day.

”I eat when I feel like it and I don’t starve myself. If I want to do a day of simply not eating, I do it and settle for water or juice,” she said in an interview.

Supermodel Naomi Campbell (Photo: Reuters)Supermodel Naomi Campbell (Photo: Reuters)

Although it’s not just about nutrition, Campbell testified that even though she used to go to the gym, she does daily home workouts to keep in shape. She also stated that she devotes half an hour every day to a bath filled with Epsom salts and vinegar.

Less alcohol, more yoga – Kate Moss

supermodel, Kate Mossalthough she was known over the years as a party animal, but as she approaches the age of fifty, Moss changed her lifestyle completely.

Kate Moss (Photo: Reuters)Kate Moss (Photo: Reuters)

In 2017, she told the “Guardian” that she started exercising and even enjoyed it, after years of avoiding it. ‘I’ve never been a fan of the gym, it made me feel bad. But now I’m really quite into it,” she said. The model also cut back on drinking alcohol and turned to yoga as a daily activity.

As part of her daily routine, Moss gave up alcohol, caffeine, sugar, meat and dairy products, while participating in daily meditation and yoga. It was also reported that the model turned the basement of her home in North London into a yoga studio with a Turkish steam room.


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