“From mergers strong subjects, but let’s look carefully at the Neobanks’

Rome, 21 March (time.news)

Today for banks “mergers are crucial“and lead” to the definition of aggregating policies and the establishment of strong and competitive subjects at an international level ” but “the birth of the numerous specialized vertical realities, the so-called Neobanks, should be observed with equal attention, for which the definition of new services for customers is a priority and challenging. “This is what he says Giuseppina Volpi, Finance General Manager of Engineering, which at time.news takes stock one year after the start of the lockdown, a situation that has led to an ever wider use of digital services in many sectors, including banking, where a real transformation of the relationship has been seen with the customer e in which Neobanks, virtual banks, are increasingly active and important, those without branches but which offer the same services to customers as traditional institutions.

“The pandemic – says Volpi – it has been a huge accelerator for several transformative trends across all industries“For this reason, he remarks,” fragile business models destined to decline have suffered irreparable damage “but for those it was different:” They matured much faster than one could imagine. The banking world had already embarked on a process of digitization for some time – he continues – which is producing a real rethinking of core processes, which, however, cannot be exhausted in a ‘virtual’ management of the customer. great protagonist of the pandemic year, since he has shown himself increasingly ready for a digital relationship with institutions “.

Today, it is a question of “a world that has incredibly changed its face”, says Volpi again. And this has led “in almost all sectors, not only in the banking sector, to seek new alliances and partnerships, to return to growth. But above all – he reiterates – to respond to stimuli “in this different world.

In this scenario, according to the dg Finance of the company specializing in digital transformation both in the private and public sectors, “the banks will be able to play a very important role, facilitating synergies, accelerating relationships and acting as a broker among its customers, in fact supporting and nurturing the creation of new ecosystems that are emerging “. As Volpi continues,” talking about cities, finance, mobility, innovation, sustainability it needs input from everyone. For the historical fiduciary role they have always had, in a time of great changes like the current ones banks and all financial entities will be the prime mover for this renewal, financing new initiatives and managing not only physical assets but also digital ones “.

In a landscape that sees more and more digital, even IT security sees new challenges ahead of it, and Volpi is aware of this even if, he remembers, “Banks have been discussing cybersecurity issues for more than 20 years“.

According to the dg, “experience teaches that only a 360-degree strategy, which constantly monitors potential threats, it can be really effective. In an increasingly connected world, in which data takes on an ever greater value, its protection, management and use become vital to be able to carry out one’s work. Technology runs – continues Volpi – bringing opportunities and risks that we face and manage every day “.

“We invested in the topic of cybersecurity before skills began to run out on the market. As regards the issue of transparency and data management, banks, especially European ones, have always been at the forefront in the ethical use of information. Of course – states – lhe technology runs much faster than the regulatory paths and you can feel like you are in constant pursuit. The management and sharing of data as a transversal value will become the great theme of the immediate future and certainly a common European policy, which establishes the same rules and laws for all, will be fundamental. Let’s not forget the contents of the DLT and the progressive affirmation of the Blockchain theme “, concludes Volpi.


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