From overtime to meal vouchers, here is the guide on smart working

twelve o’clock, March 13, 2021 – 16:20

On newsstands, free of charge, on Monday 15 March with the “Corriere della Sera”

Is the smart worker entitled to overtime? Are there any surcharges for nights and holidays? Are meal vouchers entitled to the worker or not? And can the company remotely monitor its employee? Questions that are becoming more topical every day, to which an exhaustive answer can be found in the guide Working from Home: the rights (and duties) of smart working, written by Rita Querz, one of the main economic firms of Corriere della Sera and edited by Nicola Saldutti and Massimo Fracaro. The volume will be distributed free of charge at newsstands on Monday 15 March together with Corriere della Sera.

Smart working – explained in the text – regulated by law 81 of 2017. The law first of all establishes the need for an individual written agreement between employee and employer. In any case, agile work cannot be obligatory, it is always voluntary. The agreement can be for a term or for an indefinite period. Attention: since the beginning of the pandemic, the stipulation of individual agreements has been waived, but as soon as the state of emergency ends, they will become necessary again. Precisely for this reason the guide can represent a very useful tool for companies and workers in view of a turning point that promises to be more than epochal.

March 13, 2021 | 16:20

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