From security to high-tech: The exit of the former head of the Mossad worth millions

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Congratulations to the former head of the Mossad and his partners on an impressive exit: the cyber company they set up only about five years ago, which simulates cyber attacks on organizations, and after the safe attack issues a detailed report that includes insights and points to actions needed to block future attacks. Patents are registered in the United States and Europe.

The German corporation Schwarz Group is the happy buyer, and is considered the fourth largest retail chain in the world. In recent years, the corporation has also expanded its investments in the cloud and digital areas, including announcing the acquisition of most of the shares in XM Cyber.

Cyber. Illustration Photo: shutterstock

The company will continue to operate independently of Herzliya’s headquarters and will offer its range of products under the same brand and current management. Tamir Pardo said: “XM Cyber” has built a powerful combination of professional depth, methodologies, technologies and a culture of excellence – needed to deal with the growing complexity of cyber threats. In sophistication. “

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