From skiing to weddings, the measures of the Sostegni decree to save the economy – Refreshments for companies that have suffered a 30% drop in turnover, aid for the self-employed and seasonal workers, postponement of tax payments until April, double track for the extension of the layoffs and the blocking of layoffs and 2.8 billion for the vaccination plan and anti-Covid treatments. This is the outline of the Sostegni decree that will be examined by the Council of Ministers, at the end of which the press conference of the premier, Mario Draghi, is expected.

Stay the unknown factor regarding the cancellation of over 60 million pre-2015 tax records up to 5 thousand euros, for a total value of approximately 70 billion. The draft confirms the hypothesis of the removal of the folders up to 5 thousand euros. However, according to what is learned from government sources, the issue is still open and will be addressed directly in the CDM.

The League is pushing to expand the mesh of the operation but also M5s and Forza Italia aim at the complete cancellation of the fiscal warehouse. While Pd and Leu reject any form of amnesty and they are in favor, as well as Iv, of a more selective cleaning of the warehouse that removes bad debt collection credits because they are linked to bankrupt companies or deceased taxpayers.

These are some of the main upcoming measures:

New refreshments with 30% losses

Change the refreshment machine that says goodbye to the Ateco codes. On the plate about 11 billion euros to compensate about three million VAT numbers, between companies and professionals, with a turnover of up to 10 million euros who have recorded losses of at least 30% in the average monthly amount of turnover in 2020 compared to that of 2019.

Expected five bands with percentages ranging from 60 to 20%, based on the size of 2019 revenues, on which to measure the contribution: 60% for companies up to 100 thousand euros, 50% between 100 thousand and 400 thousand euros, 40% between 400 thousand and 1 million, 30% between 1 and 5 million and 20% between 5 and 10 million. The compensation will be granted by bank transfer or in the form of a tax credit and will range from a minimum of € 1,000 for individuals (€ 2,000 for other subjects) to a maximum of € 150,000.

The mountain fund rises to 700 million

The ad hoc fund rises to 700 million to compensate the mountain chain affected by the closure of the ski lifts. The hypotheses circulated so far provided for a dowry of 600 million for the sector.

The resources will be distributed with a decree of the Ministry of Tourism, in agreement with the Mef, to be issued within 30 days from the entry into force of the provisions: 70% will go to the activities of mountain municipalities which in 2019 recorded tourist presences 3 times higher than the number of residents and for the remainder to the other Municipalities in proportion to the turnover of the activities relating to the period 2017-2019, to ski instructors and schools.

200 million for weddings and sectors most affected

A fund of 200 million is on the way to be divided between the regions and autonomous provinces to be allocated to the sectors most affected by the impact of the pandemic, including the wedding sector and businesses operating commercial and catering activities in historic centers. Also allocated 100 million euros to finance refreshments for the postponement or cancellation of fairs and congresses due to Covid.

No tax payments until April 30th

Tax payments and executive notices remain suspended until April 30th. The deadline for notifications has been extended by 12 months and the limitation period by 24 months. More time also to pay the installments of the Scrapping ter and of the balance and excerpt: payments missed during 2020 (5) must be paid by July 2021 and those scheduled until July of this year (4) must be paid by November 30. An operation that costs 1.3 billion in 2021 and another 817 million in 2022.

Furthermore the Revenue Agency will make the pre-filled declaration available to citizens on 10 May, instead of April 30, with the postponement of the terms of the single certifications to the end of March.

Amnesty for VAT numbers

The amnesty is here for VAT numbers that have suffered a 30% loss in 2020 turnover compared to 2019: will be able to define in a facilitated way the sums due deriving from irregular declarations relating to the tax years 2017 and 2018.

Aid for self-employed and seasonal workers

The fund established with the maneuver to reduce the contributions of the self-employed will be refinanced for 1.5 billion a one-off allowance for three months of 2,400 euros will be provided for seasonal workers, entertainment and spa workers: there are about 400,000 subjects for a total allocation of 900 million.

Double extension for the blocking of redundancies

The block on layoffs remains confirmed until June for larger companies, which have ordinary layoffs while for companies that take advantage of the Covid layoffs it will be further extended until the end of October.

Double track for the cig

Double track for the extension of the redundancy fund: for companies that have the ordinary cig it will be extended, with reason for Covid and without additional contribution, by 13 weeks usable by the end of June while for workers covered by the cig in derogation or by the FIS, 28 weeks will be refinanced to be used until 31 December, always without additional contribution.

Cigs for ex Ilva workers

The extraordinary redundancy fund for employees of the companies of the former Ilva group, introduced in 2017, has been extended to 2021, also for the purpose of professional training for the management of remediation. Refinancing of 400 million from the Social Fund for Employment and Training is also foreseen.

Forward contracts without motives until December

Possibility of extension and renewal of forward contracts without motives until the end of the year. In fact, the clauses introduced by the Dignity decree are frozen. Without prejudice to the total maximum duration of 24 months, it is possible to renew or extend fixed-term subordinate employment contracts for a maximum period of twelve months and only once.

Naspi even for those who do not have 30 days of work

Until 31 December it will not be necessary to have worked at least 30 days in the last 12 months to obtain the Naspi unemployment benefit.

Extension of the navigators until the end of the year

The collaboration contracts of the navigators conferred by Anpal, expiring on April 30th, will be extended to December 31st. THEThe service provided by navigators also constitutes a title of preference in public competitions banned by the Regions and by dependent bodies and agencies.

One billion for citizenship income

Refinanced for one billion The citizenship income while the emergency income for families in difficulty will be renewed for three months (March, April and May) (for those rented, the income threshold is raised).

50 million for the rent cut fund

It will be increased by 50 million the fund for the sustainability of the payment of rents for properties in high-voltage municipalities, with which the non-repayable contribution for landlords who reduce the rent is financed.

2.8 billion for the purchase of vaccines

About 5 billion will be allocated for health: 2.8 billion for the purchase of vaccines and medicines, 400 million for the emergency commissioner management, 200 million for the start of vaccine production in Italy and 350 million for the campaign vaccinal.

Green light to vaccinating pharmacists

Pharmacists will be able to vaccinate in pharmacies, on an experimental basis, after specific training. Specific agreements with trade unions, having heard the professional order, will also govern “the aspects relating to the minimum structural requirements of the premises for the administration of vaccines, as well as the appropriate measures to ensure the safety of patients “. Pharmacists will have to transmit” without delay and with secure telematic methods “the data relating to vaccinations carried out.



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