From Suriya To Dhanushka Tamil Stars Who Cried Publically Like Simbu

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Fans often forget the fact that the stars are also human. Fans often misunderstand that they are the same superheroes and heroes they see on screen and applaud. Therefore, when the stars express their feelings in public, the fans are often unable to believe or accept it. Superstar Surya to Chimpu are among those who have been so emotional and in tears in public.

Amrita Nair in a stylish look in a sari, the picture goes viral

Chimpu’s crying has now become a topic of discussion among the fans. Chimpu was bursting into tears during the promotion of his film Manad. Here we read in detail about some of the actors who cried in public in a similar manner before Chimpu. It ranges from tears of joy to tears of humiliation. Let’s read in detail later.


Surya is also a fan favorite in the name of social activities outside the film. Surya has been involved in a number of issues and provided assistance. Surya was in tears when a child talked about the challenges of life she faced during an event organized by her foundation as part of such activities. Pictures and videos of Surya crying emotionally have become a big discussion.

Arun Vijay is the actor who shed tears of joy on the stage. Arun is the son of actor Vijayakumar. But Arun did not get a good break in the film despite working for a long time. Finally, Arun Vijay will be given a break in the movie Yenne Arinthal starring Ajith. Arun played the villain in the film. After the success of this film, Arun Vijay cried with joy at the reception given by the fans.

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Jayam Ravi is an actor who regularly makes different films in Tamil. Jayam Ravi has done many successful films. But Tani Oruvan was a film that gave the star a lot of praise and hits. The film was directed by his brother Mahon Raja. The villain in the film was Arvind Swamy. Jayam Ravi cried at the success of this film. Jayam Ravi’s eyes were filled with joy like Arun’s.

But actress Dhanshika was not crying for happiness. Dhanshika cried after being insulted in public. The incident took place after the victory of Rajinikanth hero Kabbali. Dhanshika was insulted by senior actor T Rajendran in public. With this, the actor went out of control and burst into tears. As the video went viral, there was widespread criticism of TR. Dhanshika had to admit that she had forgotten the name of TR, who was a guest in the film during the promotion of her new film, during the speech.

‘The use of polite language can lead to loss of spirit, and confusion is a necessary factor’

Vanniyaar community against Suriya and his new film Jai Bhim | FilmiBeat Malayalam

The video of Chimpu bursting into tears during Manad’s promotion went viral on social media. Chimpu says that he is facing a lot of problems in his life and he needs the support of the fans. The actor speaks with a sigh. Chimpu’s new movie Manad will be released on November 25. The latest event is that fans are eagerly waiting for this movie.

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From Suriya To Dhanushka Tamil Stars Who Cried Publically Like Simbu

Story first published: Saturday, November 20, 2021, 17:16 [IST]

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