From terrorists to a suspicious death, all the intrigues of Carlo Marchi’s Florence

Devil by a Gigi Paoli. You cannot leave him alone for a moment as he begins to build plots that break through provincialism and place themselves at international levels. Because his latest thriller – “The day of the sacrifice” (Giunti editore, 430 pages, 16 euros and 90 cents) – contains among other advantages that of making Florence an ideal city at the crossroads of international intrigues and plots, as it is always been in the nature of the place. Only this time it is an Italian writer, and not incidentally Tuscan, to explain it – and explain it well – to the publishing world. Gigi Paoli, journalist de The nation, masters stories and characters, and his Carlo Marchi – name of the main character, who by profession is a court reporter for “Il Nuovo” and who seems almost a heteronym of the author – moves perfectly in the streets and streets of the his city. That, long before Dan Brown’s novels, it has always been the limelight of international facts and narrative ties. Except that Paoli – being able to use an example – carries out a move as a true chess player: only those who know this Florence can be able to tell about its polyphony: popular and noble blend together.

Paoli is back from three editorial successes, so much so that Giunti decided to publish “The mysteries of Florence”, a kind of omnibus that contains his three previous novels (“The noise of the rain”, “The breath of souls” and “The fragility of the angels “). Now, for those who have read them all, it is quite amusing to note how the character of Carlo Marchi finds himself facing a case that is not just a citizen. The story unfolds, in fact, in half the world because the starting point of yellow is this: massacre of students at the University of Florence at the hands of a terrorist linked to ISIS. In the midst of this tragedy, the events of mysterious Arab interpreters working at the Palace of Justice, the mysterious death of a French nuclear engineer in a luxurious hotel in via Tornabuoni, the heartbeats of the Florentine Jewish community are linked.

The ability – not at all obvious – of Paoli (La Pira prize for culture) is to mold in a book that is a crescendo of twists with the perspective of the journalist Marchi and the world of journalism, to which the author – so it seems – does not skimp on criticism and jabs, which sinks with its usual (but not at all good-natured) irony. How ironic is the other character in the novel: Paolo Teodori, a magistrate who deals with anti-terrorism, “famous throughout Ghotam (the Florentine Palagiustizia, ed) for the immoderate consumption of cigarettes (…) that almost no one could stand, except for his partner and his dog. And not always, perhaps, in this order ». It will be Teodori together with Colonel Sunday del Ros of the carabinieri to investigate the tragedy and to pull the strings of a story in which Marchi will eventually find himself involved – dangerously – in the first person. In a Florence that Paoli describes in the folds, even the most unexpected ones. Center of gravity of plots and intrigues that the writer captures and examines in front of the readers. With wisdom and skill.

February 27, 2021 | 10:18

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