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In January 2020, the principe Harry e Meghan Markle, his wife since 2018, renounce their role in the British royal family. the first act of what the British press dubbed Megxit. The second comes a year later, when the Sussexes return titles and patronages to Queen Elizabeth. On March 7, Harry and Meghan gave an explosive interview to Oprah Winfrey (in Italy it will be broadcast on Tuesday 9 March). Here we propose a portrait of Meghan Markle, retracing her history and origins.

LONDON – Madame Tussauds wax museum has removed the principe Harry e Meghan Markle from the royal pavilion back in January of last year, but Sunday’s interview revealed that the divorce of the Dukes of Sussex from the Windsors looms long, troubled and painful. The Duchess, who is expecting a daughter in June, pointed out to Oprah Winfrey that the label she is most proud of is that of mum. Not for the only one that has been given to her. From social climber to Serie B actress, Meghan has been called for everything since joining the royal family. But who, exactly?

The origins of Meghan Markle and the racial question

Meghan a woman biracial: if we exclude the theories about Queen Charlotte, wife of George III, this is an unprecedented fact among the Windsors. Together with Harry, she gave birth the first member of the royal family with African American blood. A second record. It would be a mistake to underestimate the importance of Meghan’s color. The United Kingdom is certainly an open and multicultural country, but also a society where racial tensions exist, where half of the families of African American extraction live below the threshold of poverty (among whites one in five), where those with black skin statistically have nine times the chance of being stopped by the police for random checks than a white person, where in parliament there are a dozen black deputies, where the boards of directors of large companies are predominantly white or Asian.

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Expectations after Meghan’s arrival at court

Meghan’s arrival at court had given a glimpse of one positive turn on inclusionand diversity on the part of the Windsors, also because it had coincided with a new one examination of conscience by institutions as well as by the population, where there is undoubtedly, from Oxford and Cambridge to the National Theater, from major cultural and social organizations to publishing houses to business, politics, a greater attention to representation of the United Kingdom in all its variety.

Meghan Markle, Prince Harry and the break with the Royals

Meghan’s career and the gender issue

Secondly, Meghan a woman who had built one before marrying Harry career as well as a prominent role in the campaign for gender equality. In this very different from Kate, who met William at university, became an adult knowing that she could not one day rule out joining the royal family and only began to work seriously once a duchess.

Childhood, studies, the first jobs as an actress

Born and raised in Los Angeles, Meghan started early. At 11, he wrote a letter to then first lady Hilary Clinton, complaining about the advertising slogan of a dish soap from the Procter and Gamble according to which women across the US struggle with greasy pots and pans. Within a month the word women was replaced with people. As a teenager he attended a Catholic high school and did Volunteering in a soup kitchen for the poor and homeless. Yes graduate in communication at the Northwestern University of Chicago in 2003, he did an internship at the US embassy in Argentina and thought about devoting himself to politics before attempting the show. As an actress best known for her role as Rachel Zane in the play Suits, but first he had gotten small and medium parts on the soap General Hospital, in films like Horrible Bosses, How to kill the boss and live happily. In 2014 he started writing a blog about health, food, beauty ideals and travel, in 2015 she was invited to speak to the United Nations on gender equality becoming an ambassador to Canada for World Vision, a charity that fights to improve access to education and health in developing countries.

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Divorce from first husband, Trevor Engelson

Like Camilla, Carlo’s wife, joined the Windsors with already a divorce behind her (her first husband, Trevor Engelson, a US producer) and, like Wallis Simpson, the woman for whom Edward VIII renounced the crown, American, and not only, Californian, which is a world apart, stressed the writer Bonnie Greer, who like Meghan is an African American woman who has known the reality of the United Kingdom up close. Still thererandom racism in this society, if you say something you get the answer that you are too sensitive, that it is up to you to give it a reason.

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