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Berlin / ParisCollections are archives of desire. They tell stories that revolve around precious trophies and less expensive pieces alike. And of course there is a common denominator according to which all objects have been brought together. This creates a pattern that gives continuity, meaning and a feeling of connection back to the collector. That is why people have always liked to collect, be it works of art, handbags – or Rammstein fan articles.

In the domestic sector in particular, however, this has recently become a little out of fashion because our property is becoming more and more digital. Collecting itself is almost a bit retro: a hobby that just like this word doesn’t really fit into today. Admittedly, we all collect something on a small scale, because collecting three things of the same kind actually starts. Nevertheless, only a few have a record collection at home, music is now accumulated in MP3 form. And when the streaming service goes bankrupt, the music is gone. Just because. Have you ever thought about it?

Demna Gvasalia also collects his favorite music on a streaming portal. More specifically, he’s compiling lists on Apple Music. The Georgian, who gave the big French fashion house Balenciaga new impetus with extremely disruptive collections, is also not squeamish when it comes to choosing music: In the Balenciaga profile, “Demna’s Playlist” includes George Michael and Sade as well as Marylin Manson and Rammstein.

Many say “I want”: Balenciaga with a merch look

What was advertised in the course of the publication of this playlist started this week: Selected artists appear peu á peu with their own Balenciaga playlist, each accompanied by a mini-collection in a merchandise look. It starts with the Berlin band Rammstein, whose fan base is extremely solid worldwide. The photos that Balenciaga published at the launch show real Rammstein fans in the midst of their merch collections. And they fill entire rooms – which may also be due to the fact that the musicians run an online shop where you can find everything: from sink stoppers to bicycle saddles to license plate holders. Not to mention gin, wine, perfume and jewelry. Everything with the Rammstein logo, of course.

Now the Rammstein collection has to be expanded by at least one part from the Balenciaga Music collection, of course. And the fans were already digging deep into their pockets, because a lot is already sold out. A conventional Rammstein T-shirt costs around 21 euros in the fan shop, while that from Balenciaga costs just under 500 euros. The printed band portrait comes from a real expert, namely the hyper-realist Gottfried Helnwein. It is quite possible that the limited designer pieces will soon be offered on the Internet for even higher sums. Only the copy from China will be cheaper, but of course a real collector doesn’t want that. Perhaps it would be worth considering at this point to turn your back on this damn collecting and finally to free yourself from the ballast of unused things. A T-shirt from Rammstein is enough! But then please from Balenciaga.

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