From the food eaten to the way they go, they know and store the data data | data breach | technology news | manorama news | manorama online | Technology News | Tech News | Malayalam Technology News

From the food eaten to the way they go, they know and store the data  data |  data breach |  technology news |  manorama news |  manorama online |  Technology News |  Tech News |  Malayalam Technology News

Searching for food and hotels on the Internet is very natural. Ever wonder what information a search provider might have about such a person’s diet? They can pick up everything from what you like to eat, what days of the week you eat out, how far you go to eat, and when you’re hungry. What’s more powerful is not the restaurant and food you’re looking for, but the data mined with that information. That is why it is said that data is in the 21st century what oil was in the 18th century.

Information or data has the power to influence and control all of our lives today. This is why data privacy is so important. Keeping this in mind, Data Privacy Day is celebrated on January 28 every year. In this digital age we need to recognize the importance of privacy and the issues of our personal information being collected and used by others. That is why the importance of Data Privacy Day is increasing every year.

∙ Data Privacy Day?

The concept of Data Privacy Day first comes from Europe. The Council of Europe has been celebrating Data Privacy Day since 2007 under the name European Data Protection Day. It was also known as National Data Privacy Day. Nasmal Data Privacy Day has been observed in the United States since 2009. Data Privacy Day was observed in the United States on January 28 to commemorate the passing of US Senate Resolution 25. Information Security Day is mainly associated with campaigns to convince individuals and organizations of the need to handle personal information securely.

In the digital age, it’s natural to have everyone’s name, address, phone number, email address, and credit card information online. Each of us has a responsibility to ensure that this information available online is not misused. Personal information can be used for impersonation and financial fraud. Organizations handling individuals’ data also have an obligation to ensure that it is not subject to misuse.

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∙ password is not a password

Do you think the days of using children’s and spouse’s name and date of birth as passwords are gone? Let’s think so entirely. According to a report by password management specialists NordPass, password is the most commonly used password in the world even in 2022. The second most common password in this list is 123456!

This password and 123456 are not even visible as passwords. A good password should have at least 12 characters. A password with 16 characters including letters, numbers and special characters is considered a strong password. Assess yourself if your passwords are strong.

Avoid using the same passwords for multiple accounts. Once hackers get hold of a password, they can try using the same password on other accounts. So don’t use the same password. Never share passwords with anyone. Also use two-step verification wherever possible. It is no small matter that 99.9 percent of hacking attempts fail if you can only confirm by phone or e-mail.

∙ Don’t skip the update

A large percentage of the regular update notification is usually skipped by any application. This helps hackers. Because often software updates are also security related updates. Hackers know the potential of outdated software and operating systems more than anyone.

Many devices and applications have the facility to perform software updates automatically. It can be used. Meanwhile, updates to operating systems can be time-consuming and often can only be completed by human intervention. So don’t hesitate to do OS updates on time to increase your cyber security.

Antivirus updates are just as important as operating system updates. Using anti-viruses without updating them will not work. Regular antivirus updates are also included to combat the latest cyber threats. Antivirus updates often give us the strength to face the latest cyber challenges.

∙ Must read Privacy Policy

Every time we install software, we agree to their privacy policies. We tend to click the OK button without reading the many pages of privacy policies. But if you are serious about personal information, cyber experts advise that you should read the privacy policies of each software and application.

Even if we do know what personal information is provided and what it is used for, we need to be careful. Because the information available on the Internet is being collected and misused at the speed of light. So don’t click on the I Agree button without fully understanding it.

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∙ Security of data and individuals

Everyone should take steps to keep personal information safe in the digital world. Organizations and Internet companies have a stake in keeping personal information safe, just like individuals. They are responsible for managing the personal information they collect from each individual.

Everyone who uses Internet services needs to be made aware of the importance of personal information security. Every Data Privacy Day reminds us of our responsibility to carry out continuous awareness and campaigning programs for that purpose. With each passing day becoming more and more digital, it is certain that the importance of Data Privacy Day will only increase.

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