from the gas station 10 transactions in 11 minutes for less than a liter-

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Ten transactions in 11 minutes. For a total refueling of 0.74 liters of diesel. And a total cost of 1.02 euros. The race for the extra cashback prize, the so-called Super Cashback, marks another record: thanks to a special ranking based on the number of transactions, and not on the amounts, 100,000 people (those who have made the most transactions) will be able to win 1,500 euros in extra reimbursement. And this, throughout Italy – for months now – has recorded multiple transactions in a few minutes to increase cashless payments made. happened in the night between 26 and 27 March in a Q8 service station in Martina Franca, in Puglia: the owner of the station, Giuseppe Palazzo, highlighted the incident, when in the morning the report of the supplies made with the minimum was found expense.

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