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2023-09-22 17:00:00

We were able to try a demo of the long-awaited new installment of Yakuza.

One more time, Xbox Community has been able to attend the largest video game event held in Japan: the Tokyo Game Show. In this new edition we have been able to test several of the most important Japanese games to be released soon.

One of them was the new delivery of the saga Yakuza, Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth. We were able to enjoy 20 minutes of Yakuza: Like A Dragon, released a couple of years ago and available on Xbox Game Pass. This installment puts us back in the shoes of Ichiban and Kiryu, taking place after the events of Like a Dragon Gaiden: The Man Who Erased His Name, which will arrive on Xbox Game Pass soon. Infinite Wealth finds our heroes on the shores of Hawaii, which is a notable change of scenery from previous games.

From Kamurocho to Hawaii

In this demo available at the Sega booth at the Tokyo Game Show, the first thing I noticed was that the Ryu Ga Gotoku studio has managed to reach another level. Just when we thought Yakuza: Like a Dragon was already By achieving perfection, the team has raised the bar even higher. Throughout the demo, we control Ichiban, while she moves through the streets of Hawaii wearing a typical Hawaiian shirt.

Infinite Wealth’s open world is completely different from the Kamurocho we are used to. The study behind the title has perfectly recreated areas of Hawaii and the change is appreciated, as it makes the game feel new again. Moving around the city will also be different, since now We will have a Segway at our disposal, which has a battery that must be charged, which costs money. We can also unlock some customizable options for the Segway, such as the color of the scooter and the design of the wheels. Touring the large area is fun and this is a good novelty for some longer journeys.

Turn-based combats as a hallmark

Yakuza: Like a Dragon’s turn-based combat is back with some deeper mechanics, like team fights. Almost everything we saw in the previous game has returned and been expanded upon in some way. We will work in a team of four with companions that we will meet along the way, with some returning and others new.

El estudio de Ryu Ga Gotoku has his first chance to create a foreign environment in their games and the way they approach it is quite funny. On one mission we had to catch a corrupt police officer and during our encounter, he pulled out a gun and shot us. During that battle, one of the companions had a mechanical work class, his special move was to take the policeman for a ride and crash him. Everything that happened in that short period of time It was incredibly over the top., something typical of the saga. A true madness that delights fans.

Jobs and minigames everywhere

Just like in the previous game, jobs are back and will become your character’s class. Jobs can be changed and assigned to teammates. The more you level up your work, The more you can maximize benefits in combat.

Of course, there will be new mini-games. The only one I could try It was a recreation of SEGA’s Crazy Taxi in which you are riding a motorcycle doing “Crazy shipments”. We got to see another mini-game where you meet girls through an online dating app. It seems SEGA and the studio are building and expanding everything they did in Yakuza: Like a Dragon, so the result could be tremendous.

Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth will arrive on Xbox Series and Xbox One on January 26, 2024.

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