From Top Gun to Elvis, Thor and Outside Night: summer at the cinema, 6 colossals not to be missed

There is sequel and sequel. Around Top Gun – Maverickthat picks up on the macho-sentimental blockbuster from 36 years ago, the index of tenderness goes to a thousand. When it came out, in 1986, Tony Scott’s drama set a trend and grossed a lot, consolidating Tom Cruise’s fame as a child star accompanied by two stars like Kelly McGillis and Meg Ryan. He was the typical colossal optimist of the 1980s, patriotic and aligned, fuffological and well inked. A love story of the skies with the daredevil toyboy who falls in love with the instructor and believes himself responsible for the death of the co-pilot.
The guide song Take My Breath Away won an Oscar and Giorgio Moroder’s soundtrack became a generational anthem. Since then Cruise, now 59 years old, has never stopped Maverick’s fluorescent smile and, as a master stroke, has never succumbed to the sirens to return to Canossa, thus reinforcing the idea of ​​an unreproducible film., disappeared from radar but to be kept in memory. In all these years only the revolution of technological smoking has changed, the digital expansion. The veteran pilot Pete Maverick Mitchell wears the same worn jacket and still the fastest of all, capable of taking off and landing in a handkerchief, preferably on the deck of an aircraft carrier. An ace to fly at low altitude, slip through narrow gorges and thus hide from the enemy anti-aircraft.
Pete didn’t make a career out of not having to give up stunts. But as always he loves motorbikes and trouble, lacking a sense of danger. He rebellious and unsurpassed when the tough start dancing. For overwhelmed with guilt. Maverick condemned himself to a blue solitude as a mechanic-test driver between the prehistoric F-14s and the faster F-18swith the protection of old comrade Tom Iceman Kazinsky (Val Kilmer) who has meanwhile become a tall Navy poppy. throat).
The new Top Guns push, the champion keeps back pain at bay and chews bitter when Rear Admiral Ed Harris assigns him to a school camp. She will have to teach his talent to the kid aviators for the baptism of fire. To trigger the Maverick revival are 1) the clashes with Bradley Rooster Bradshaw (Miles Teller, the boyfriend of Whiplash), that is the son of Goose, the man who could not save and cause of eternal remorse, e 2) The renewed idyll with ex Penny Benjamin (Jennifer Connelly), who works as a bartender and has a daughter in the midst of her teenage crisis. Please don’t make Mom suffer again, intimates the little girl. The right occasion to shake up, eliminate the ghosts of the past and move on to new promises.
Maverick a disenchanted, bruised man who has not lost the courage to face life hard-nosed. Iceman advises his newfound friend: the time has come to let go of the past. The answer: Sorry, I don’t know how. Maverick teaches Rooster not to think too much during fights and to make his instincts work. Just like a good dad would do. Director Joseph Kosinski wisely doses emotional management to avoid accusations of fuss. The irony cools the pathos. The technical side is commendable and alone holds up the not small length of the film (131 ‘). The story does not end here, of course: but it is to be believed that if Top Gun – Maverick it will have a sequel, it will not be Tom Cruise playing it. In the hangars, in addition to Teller, the alter ego of Maverick, Hangman (Glen Powell) and, unfortunately, the world abounds in war or para-war contexts from which to draw to feed the most successful saga of avio-sentimental cinema.

TOP GUN – MAVERICK di Joseph Kosinski
(Usa, 2022, duration 131′)

con Tom Cruise, Miles Teller, Jennifer Connelly, Ed Harris, Val Kilmer, Jon Hamm, Glen Powell, Lewis Pullman
Rating: *** out of 5


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