From “X Factor” to Haifa • Shimi Tavori is hosted at “Shisharim” with Effi Netzer and the Symphony – Haifa

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Shimi Tavori will be a guest on “Shisharim”, the series by Efi Netzer and the Haifa Symphony Orchestra

About a month after appearing on the “X Factor” program for the Eurovision Song Contest, singer Shimi Tavori arrives on the auditorium stage and will be hosted by Efi Netzer, in the “Shisharim” series, which takes place on Fridays.

Tavori was invited to be a guest singer, and will direct some of his greatest hits, accompanied by musicians from the Haifa Symphony Orchestra. Among the hits: ‘The Kingdom of Mount Hermon’, ‘Violin of David’, ‘Yesterday You Were Different’, ‘One More Story of Love’, ‘Do Not Throw Me’ and more.

That same evening, the JUKEBOX band, in a 60s hit show, a celebration of songs and dances, from the Singing Festival to the dance floors in London.

The “Shisharim” series with composer and composer Efi Netzer, with the participation of the Haifa Symphony Orchestra, a tribute to the composers who shaped the country’s soundtrack and vibrant and sweeping world music. Among the artists who will be hosted later in the season: Yehoram Gaon, Miri Aloni, Sashi Keshet, Hanan Yuval, Hani Nachmias and more.

Shimi Tavori is a guest on “Shisharim” with Efi Netzer
Friday, 10/12/21, at 9 p.m.
Auditorium, 140 Hanassi Blvd.
Carmel Center, Haifa

Or dial 9300 *

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