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Following the whirlwind of frenzy brought out by the previous “Circle of Eldon”, players are very curious about FromeSoftware’s next step, and recent foreign media reports pointed out that the next work is already in the “final stage” of development, see There’s a new game coming soon!

A few days ago FromeSoftware President Miyazaki Hidetaka accepted an interview with Gematsu, and it was confirmed that the company’s next work had begun to prepare for the end. In an exclusive interview in 2018, Miyazaki told that they were preparing “three and a half models”. game”, and then launched two well-received games “Sekiro: Shadows Die” and “Ayrden Circle”, and another game was “Déraciné” specially designed for PSVR, and the rest It should be the work that Miyazaki Hidetaka said is finishing.

However, there is no official news about what the work will be, but according to the speculations of the villagers and the public, this work may be a brand new work of the “Machine War Mercenaries” series. According to the previous ResetEra forum, some players claimed to have received a consumer questionnaire from FromSoftware, from which they could find several screenshots of the game and a game video about 30 seconds long. Although the screenshots are hidden watermarks, they still attracted the attention of overseas communities. .

In fact, “Machine War Mercenary” is one of the very early works of FromSoftware. It is famous for its customization with a high degree of freedom, allowing players to freely configure their own aircraft. However, since 2012, this series has not launched new works, and now the news that Miyazaki Hidetaka’s next game will be “a more abstract fantasy work”, and in FromSoftware’s latest recruitment plan It can be found that the character designer column includes “Welcome to those who are good at mechanical design”, which makes players speculate that the “Machine War Mercenaries” series may be resurrected!

However, the machine combat series plus the soul-based gameplay, I don’t know what kind of sparks will burst out. What do players think?

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