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FSP, a well-known power case brand manufacturer, continues to listen to players’ demands, and launches three new cases according to different usage needs – SGS certified non-toxic, pure and silent model-CMT223S, gorgeous and calm style impact model-CMT371B , as well as the workstation high-capacity level-CMT580B/W, to show players that FSP attaches great importance to all aspects of the chassis, and also provides players with more choices of high-quality chassis.

The silence of CMT223S is the presentation of high quality

CMT223S silent chassis is fitted with safety sound insulation pads on three sides, silent companionship is like a shutdown state, creating the best personal enjoyment space. The appearance adopts a flat and simple and elegant design, and the hairline design of the front panel is a high-quality aesthetic presentation. The maximum supported graphics card is 300mm, and the CPU radiator supports up to 160mm, and it is equipped with 4 120mm fans at the front and rear, which is quiet without losing heat dissipation. Equipped with dual USB 3.0 and Type-C USB3.2 Gen 2, the transfer speed is super fast, and it is completed at the click of a finger. For players who care about noise and pay attention to details, CMT223S is your best choice.


CMT371B classic and gorgeous style, showing the extraordinary atmosphere of ARGB

The CMT371B uses a metal mesh panel, and is equipped with 3 dazzling and stylish ARGB fans, and a 120mm ARGB rear fan, which makes the heat dissipation more smooth and beautiful. The built-in ARGB controller can simultaneously switch the lighting effect. The upper water drain space is increased, and the 360mm water cooling drain can be easily installed, so that the internal air duct design of the case is smooth, so that the heat can be discharged smoothly. The length of the graphics card can support 415mm, and the highly expandable configuration can also support the vertical installation of the graphics card. The design of the entire cable slot with a dedicated position also makes cable management easier. The top-mounted I/O is equipped with the latest USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C, which not only has fast transmission speed, but also is more convenient to connect various devices, greatly improving work efficiency!


CMT580B/W black and white, classic and timeless

CMT580 simplifies complexity without too many lines and designs, so that the minimalist and beautiful design is matched with black and white, making the overall appearance more pure and straightforward. The motherboard supports E-ATX, ATX, Micro ATX, Mini-ITX. It has built-in 3 sets of 120mm cooling fans at the bottom and 1 set of 120mm cooling fans at the front to create the best vertical air duct. Install the water-cooled radiator, and can accommodate the longest 360mm water-cooled radiator above and below. The length of the graphics card can support up to 325mm, vertical/horizontal bidirectional PCIe expansion slot, 2 HDD/SSD shared and 2 SSD. The panel can be disassembled without tools, and the left and right glass and metal side panels can be exchanged freely, which can be adjusted and upgraded according to your needs. With the latest USB 3.2 Gen2 Type-C high-efficiency transmission, you can easily experience the pleasure of transferring data quickly.

For details, please refer to the official website. All major channels such as Original Price House, Xinya, MOMO, PCHOME, and Shopee are warmly listed. I recommend it to you who have taste.

For more product information, please go to:
FSP official website: www.fsp-group.com
FSP Enterprise Brand Product Website: www.FSPLifestyle.com
Quanhan Blog: blog.fsp-group.com
Facebook Fan Group: www.facebook.com/FSP.global

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