“Fuck me”: dance and “revenge” towards men from the fragility of a sick body

“Fuck me”: dance and “revenge” towards men from the fragility of a sick body

Argentinian choreographer Marina Otero will debut on Sunday at the Temporada Alta festival with Fuck mea dance piece inspired by his own experience to represent a revenge towards men, who end up being “reified” as women usually are. the channel Salt will host the premiere in Catalonia of the montage, halfway between self-fiction, dance and the performanceperformed by Otero herself and five other dancers.

In autobiographical form, Otero captures the frustration caused by an injury that paralyzed his professional career in the world of dance. From the top of the stage he orders the five dancers to reply, through violence and painthe successive operations to which he had to undergo to treat the herniated discs he suffered from.

Otero states that “man’s domination over women has always had to do with being strong, but in this work it is the other way around, from a fragile and not at all powerful body of a woman one manages to dominate» and this, he says, «is revenge».

The reflection on the relationship with men, the loss of youth or death end up linked, moreover, with the story of his grandfather, who worked for the intelligence services during the Argentine dictatorshipas detailed by the creator, who last year received the audience award at the Theater Spektakel in Zurich.

For the director of the festival, Salvador Sunyer, Otero’s proposal is an opportunity to approach the new generation of Argentine artists, with “a show that talks about women without resorting to clichés”and goes on to say that he hopes to be able to wear more pieces by the dancer in future editions of the festival.


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