Fuel allowance: the bonus of 100 euros paid from this Friday

Fuel allowance: the bonus of 100 euros paid from this Friday

They are millions not to have asked for it. However, from this Friday, the first French will receive their fuel allowance of 100 euros. This bonus, paid in one installment in 2023, is accessible to ten million tax households. However, according to Bruno Le Maire, it has only been claimed by three million people.

On Europe 1, the Minister of the Economy announced at the start of the week that 7 million French people eligible for compensation – or 70% of those concerned – had not applied for it.

Replacing the pump shed

This bonus is supposed to compensate for the end of the 10 euro cents discount at the pump, which has not been applied since January 1, 2023. It is intended, subject to means testing – for two whose reference tax income per part less than or equal to 14,700 euros per year -, to people who have a professional activity and use their vehicle to work or go to work.

As the compensation is paid per individual – and not per household – each member of a modest couple who uses their own vehicle will be able to request assistance.

Users could make this request from January 16, but it is clear that not all those potentially affected have requested this aid. “The system is extremely simple, I haven’t had any negative feedback from those who have gone to register on the site of the General Directorate of Public Finances, but there are people who do not come to seek this aid, I tell them to go do it, it is a support for purchasing power, “said Bruno Le Maire on Europe 1.

According to Gabriel Attal, the Minister of Public Accounts, this aid device “equivalent to a rebate of 10 cents per liter of fuel on the basis of 12,000 km per year traveled on average for business trips”.

Latecomers have until February 28 to apply. The first beneficiaries will receive a transfer this Friday.


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