Fuels: diesel and gasoline prices continue to fall

The sky has clouded over in France in recent days, but at the pump, the price weather continues to improve. The weekly average price thermometer, published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, released its figures on Tuesday (one day later than usual, August 15 holiday obliges) : the price of a liter of diesel was displayed at 1.79 euros on average last week (- 4.9 cents compared to the previous week), that of a liter of SP95-E10 at 1.73 euros (- 5. 8 cents). A downward momentum started the week of Monday June 20 and which has been going on for almost two months now.

The (relative) fall in prices at the pump has its origin in another downward dynamic: that of the barrel of oil. The price of a barrel (of Brent) was displayed on Tuesday around 94 dollars – almost as much in euros at the current price of the two currencies – that is to say far from its peaks of last March, when it flirted with the bar of 120 dollars. This lower consumption of black gold is fueled by fears of an economic recession in the West and the Covid-19 epidemic in China, a major oil consumer.

Good news for motorists – and vacationers who have not yet taken the road home – the drop in diesel and unleaded prices should continue. The bout of weakness in the Chinese economy “is weighing on oil, and there is little chance of a rebound in the short term”, predicted a commodity expert.

The drop comes at a time when motorists benefit from a discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel, introduced on April 1 to protect the portfolio of the French. It will be maintained until August 31 before being increased to 30 euro cents in September and October before dropping to 10 cents per liter from November to December.


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