Fuels: prices continue to fall… but beware of sham effects

The fall in fuel prices continues (very) slowly, but surely. The weekly average price thermometer, published by the Ministry of Ecological Transition, gave the temperature on Monday August 8: the price of a liter of diesel was displayed at 1.83 euros on average last week (-3.9 cents per compared to the previous week), that of the liter of SP95-E10 at 1.79 euros (-1.4 cents). A downward momentum started since the beginning of July.

How to explain it, when prices broke records in 2022? The decline in prices at the pump is linked to the fall in the price of a barrel of Brent, now far from the peaks of March 2022. The barrel, whose value had jumped following the invasion of Ukraine, is displayed this Monday at 93.86 dollars (92.15 euros).

Beware of sham effects, prices at the pump are falling, but they continue to include the discount of 18 cents per liter of fuel implemented by the government (in mainland France). The public infusion won’t last forever, but it is, for now, about to be increased.

The current fuel discount of 18 cents will increase to 30 cents per liter in September and October (this aid will then be lowered to 10 cents per liter in November and December). And that will not be all: the TotalEnergies group, for its part, has promised a discount of 20 cents at the pump between September and November in all its French service stations, then 10 cents per liter on the rest of the year.

In the end, prices at the pump could stay on this price plateau for a long time, at least for several months. Unless contingency ! “The slightest external event can cause prices to start rising again, warn experts in the sector. And the news has not been stingy in recent months. In short, it is better to refuel now.


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