Full in the face: Miss Thailand shoots a woman bloody | entertainment

Full in the face: Miss Thailand shoots a woman bloody |  entertainment

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Ouch! This shot misses – and hits… a photographer! The Miss Grand Thailand pageant winner has been invited to take a penalty at an event – but her sporting skills don’t seem to be that developed yet. As she positions herself for that penalty shot, no one suspects the ball won’t end up in the goal. Small warm-up, fake a shot and then towards the goal! But unfortunately everything goes wrong, the ball hits – a photographer… A short moment of shock, then the 27-year-old Miss Thailand takes care of the photographer, who fell over when she missed the shot and is holding her hand in front of her face. Her camera is junk, but nothing worse happens to the photographer. Lucky for the beautiful Miss Thailand, whose career has been steadily gaining momentum since she took part in THE VOICE THAILAND five years ago. She is now a singer, beauty queen, model and influencer and a welcome guest at the country’s celebrity events. She is currently celebrating her first large advertising poster in New York’s world-famous Times Square – just in time for her 28th birthday. And she can certainly be prouder of that than of her football skills…

Quelle: Viralpress Engfa Waraha/Twitter Engfa Waraha/Instagram

2/4/2023 – 11:53 am


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