Fully autonomous robots already make deliveries in Spain

Fully autonomous robots already make deliveries in Spain

Fully autonomous robots with level 4 autonomy will drive on public sidewalks in Europe for the first time to deliver products to consumers. The Goggo company has already begun its deliveries with the so-called ‘Ottobots’, the autonomous robots developed by Ottonomy, in the cities of Alcobendas and Zaragoza; and will soon extend operations to other Spanish and European cities.



With this agreement, Goggo Network, the European leader in last and half-mile logistics with Autonomous Vehicles and Robots, expands its current fleet with Ottobots.

These robots, which provide greater load capacity (up to 100 kg per shipment), allow Goggo to cover a greater spectrum of needs for its customers, adding wholesalers and large retailers to restaurants and retailers.

“With Ottonomy now in our fleet, we continue to build our unique, innovative and sustainable last and half-mile logistics services with autonomous vehicles and robots in Europe,” he says. YasmineCo-Founder and COO of Goggo Network.

“We have chosen Ottonomy.IO for its leadership in the development of fully autonomous delivery robots. We are delighted to integrate the Ottobot into our fleet, as it enables our network of retailers, restaurants and retailers to deliver extremely safe and efficient delivery in favor of the consumer”, he adds.


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