Fundraiser by Lyanne Jonkers : A hero on legs

Dear All,

I need your help.

Many of you will not know, but I am sick. Mentally ill. For 4 years I have been living in the darkest period of my life. And when I thought it couldn’t get any darker, it did. I am chronically depressed. I am struggling with PTSD, personality problems and autism, which is still being researched. I have been unable to work for 3 years now. And since then, there’s little left of me. I’m not living anymore, I’m surviving. I have worn out 10 practitioners in those years. My therapies don’t work, or I’m too crisis sensitive to start at all. The clinic became my second home. And about medication… I seem immune.

There have been very dark moments that I thought I would never get out of… But I’m still standing.

I found a bright spot. A kind of last hope. Not alone, but together with a hero on four legs. A psychosocial assistance dog. This dog can help me get a grip on my life again. A buddy I can build on. The dog can take me out of memories and dissociations. Identify overstimulation and respond to it. Together with this buddy I can go back into society step by step and little by little and start living instead of surviving. But all this is not without costs… Unfortunately, a psychosocial assistance dog is not reimbursed by the municipality. It costs a lot of money to train a service dog…

Do you want to help me make life livable for me again? Preferably through a donation, every little bit (and big bit) is more than welcome! And otherwise you are doing us a great favor by sharing this post. The future pup and I are infinitely grateful to you.

Lots of love,



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