Further dispute over the consequences of the Greensill bankruptcy for Schwalbach

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WHow to blame mayor Alexander Immisch (SPD) for the loss of 19 million euros as a result of the Greensill bankruptcy? The city councilors of Schwalbach am Taunus argued for hours about the final report of the Greensill file inspection committee presented by the SPD parliamentary group chairman Eyke Grüning. The SPD / CDU coalition and the opposition made up of the Greens and FDP came to completely different assessments.

Heike Lattka

Correspondent for the Rhein-Main-Zeitung for the Main-Taunus-Kreis.

The files contained no clues and certainly no evidence that the mayor had influenced the investment strategy, Grüning reported. Suspicions, which some members believe there are, cannot be substantiated by the files. For the opposition, on the other hand, the mayor has “crossed a red line at the facilities,” as Arnold Bernhardt (The Greens) noted.

Immisch’s claim

The focal point of the affair is a magistrate’s resolution, according to which the money should not have been invested in the private Greensill Bank. Immisch’s assertion that he was not informed of this requirement by the tax authorities when he took office, sees the opposition as invalidated by the files.

In three documents, which are signed by the mayor, reference is made to the municipal decision. In addition, Immisch discussed the cash flows with the employees on a weekly basis, which is why the main responsibility for the loss of millions lies with the mayor, said Bernhardt. “He wanted to avoid penalty interest and took a risk.” Anyone who gives their employees free rein with such high amounts is to be subject to “insufficient duty of care”.

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