‘Future’ emblem of Milan-Cortina 2026, the Olympics of unity presented

Time.news – It will be the symbol ‘Futura’ the logo of Milan-Cortina 2026. It was announced today during a press conference in the Coni Hall of Honor. It is the first time in history that the Games emblem is chosen by people and sports fans with an online popular vote. What will become the official emblem of the winter Olympics in Italy was chosen by the 871,566 voters from our country and from other 168 nations, with a participation from abroad that is approximately 10%.

“The logo that will characterize Milan-Cortina 2026 has been chosen by all Italians – he said Undersecretary Valentina Vezzali at the Coni hall of honor – and it is significant because these will be the Olympic Games of all of Italy that through sport they will raise the country. Sport is a lever“.

“Each logo brings with it emotions, medals, stories of athletes, managers and fans. Each Olympics is distinguished by a logo and this represents more than a symbol. This is a historic moment – he said again – what was not there yesterday, today is a reality. A recognition for an Olympics that will be memorable, an Italian Olympics. One of the challenges that Milano-Cortina brings with it and will know how to win“, added Valentina Vezzali,

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Giovanni Malagò, Valentina Vezzali, Luca Pancalli

I symbols’Dado ‘and’ Futura ‘were presented on the Sanremo stage last March 6 by the Ambassadors Federica Pellegrini and Alberto Tomba and were voted until midnight on 25 March The presentation event, in the presence of the new Undersecretary for Sport, the six-time Olympic champion in foil, Valentina Vezzali, sees connected the Milan office of the Milano-Cortina 2026 Foundation and the Hall of Honor of the Coni in Rome and is chaired by president of the National Olympic Committee and of the Milano-Cortina 2026 Foundation, Giovanni Malagò, and by the CEO of the Foundation, Vincenzo Novari.

‘Future’ was voted by 75% of those who have expressed their opinion online. The Milano-Cortina 2026 logo was presented on the Sanremo stage last March 6 by Alberto Tomba and immediately received unanimous approval, from Malagò to the many sportsmen and technicians. “A very elegant logo and I believe it is not only to support but also to wear and can lead the way towards new generations also of graphic philosophy “. Thus the president of Coni Giovanni Malagò has commented on the choice of Futura as the Milan-Cortina logo 2026.

2026 olympics future milan cortina malago vezzali companoni logo

The logos of Milan-Cortina 2026, Winter Olympics and Paralympics

Deborah Compagnoni: it will be the Olympics of the future

“It was exciting to be able to shoot this splendid video to reveal the Olympic emblem right in my Valtellina and in particular on the track dedicated to me”. So at Time.news, Deborah Compagnoni, Ambassador of Milan-Cortina 2026 commenting on the symbol ‘Futura’ which will identify the Winter Olympics of Milan and Cortina.

“I am very proud and honored to be Ambassador of the Winter Olympics and Paralympics in Milan Cortina 2026 – says the former alpine ski champion – I will have the pleasure of being able to make available to this important event, an international showcase for Italy, my experience made up of many victories but also many defeats and injuries from which I have always recovered: just as our country will do after this horrible pandemic. They will be the Olympics of the future and, for this very reason, I am particularly happy that the Futura emblem has been voted and chosen, which reminds us of everyone’s commitment to environmental, economic and social sustainability “.


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