Galaxy S III and Note II got Android 13 with the help of the community

It is not uncommon to hear about old Android devices getting one system update or another, but this time it seems that a new record was broken when developers managed to deliver the new Android 13 to two very old Samsung models.

A user on the XDA Developers forum has published a custom ROM (ROM) based on LineageOS 20 for two of Samsung’s flagship models from 2012. These are the Galaxy S III and Galaxy Note II whose owners can update the devices to Android 13, which most Android devices have not yet received.

The update is intended for the I9300 and N7100 models sold in Israel and based on the Exynos 4 processor. These were originally launched with Android version 4 (ICS) and were officially updated to version 4.3 (Jelly Bean) and then abandoned in favor of updates from the community.

Of course, the update to Android 13 requires technical understanding to implement, including hacking the system (Root) and using external tools. In addition, not all things work like NFC or Bluetooth so this is not recommended for use on a device that is used on a daily basis (although show us someone who actually still works with it).

The update for the Galaxy S III and Note 2 joins the Galaxy S7, S8 and Note 8 which also received an unofficial update to Android 13, while at the same time Samsung itself recently updated the old devices to address the GPS problem, but it did not perform an upgrade software beyond that.


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