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Many smartphone fans had expected that Samsung would present a new cell phone on Wednesday afternoon – instead there was a color update for the foldable Galaxy Z Flip3 5G at the “Unpacked Event”.

Samsung is making its flip phone more colorful – the so-called Bespoke Edition can now be individually designed with different colors in the online store. The two pieces of glass on the back are available in five colors: pink, yellow, blue, white and black; the frame can also be colored in black or silver.

There are a total of 49 different design options for the buyer.

The Galaxy Z Flip3 was in late summer has been presented. It has a flexible screen so that it folds up like a folding model from the late 1990s and retracts into your pocket.

The Bespoke Edition of the Flip3 is only available with 256 gigabytes of memory and costs 50 euros more than the standard version: 1149 euros.

There will also be colorful background images for the display to match the colored backs

Photo: Christian Spreitz

In addition to the Flip3 flip phone, Samsung also offers its Watch4 computer watch with colors and bracelets that can be combined. Samsung has been selling Bespoke refrigerators with fronts in different colors since last year.


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