“Gali after he was rid of the world”

The Egyptian artist, Ahmed Helmy, announced that he had contracted the Corona virus, by sharing with a number of his friends a live broadcast on Instagram.

Helmy appeared during the broadcast, today, Monday, lying on the bed and apologizing for his appearance in his bedroom, to announce that he was infected with Corona.

The Egyptian artist asked, “Why did I remove Corona? .. I do not know the corona, after I got rid of the whole world, did I come to me?”

He added that he is spending the period of home isolation after the results of the smear and medical tests were positive.

The number of injuries doubled

Hossam Hosni, head of the Scientific Committee to Combat Corona, in Egypt, announced last July that the number of infections with the Corona virus began to multiply, and that there were entire families infected with the virus.

During the cabinet meeting last August, Minister of Health, Dr. Khaled Abdel Ghaffar, confirmed that the number of people who received the first dose of Corona vaccines amounted to 49.8 million citizens, or 99.6% of the target, while 38.9 million citizens were vaccinated with the second dose, 73% of the target. Vaccinate them with the second dose.

Corona pandemic

He added that those who received the booster dose amounted to 7.6 million citizens, bringing the total of those fully immunized from the virus to 38.9 million citizens.

It is noteworthy that the Corona pandemic, which the whole world witnessed, began in the Chinese city of Wuhan in early December 2019, and the World Health Organization officially declared on January 30, 2020 that the outbreak of the virus constitutes a public health emergency of international concern.


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