Galil Elyon, lady of Herzliya

Galil Elyon, lady of Herzliya

The 15th round of the Winner Basket League was closed tonight (Monday), when Hapoel Galil Alyon managed to beat Bnei Herzliya 68:87 at the Jubilee Sports Hall. Barak Peleg’s apprentices dominated throughout the game and continued their good ability when in the last seven games they won six times. The one who stood out for the northern team was Roy Huber, who was responsible for 21 points and 5 assists.

Although they lost in the previous round to Hapoel Jerusalem 84:82 after a tense overtime, the Blue and Whites from Sharon came to the game in excellent shape and apart from stumbling against the Reds from the capital achieved four consecutive victories. Although a win could have brought them closer to the upper house, Aharoni’s men were unable to surpass themselves this time, as the players did not show good ability and did not take the lead once during the game.

As mentioned, the northerners came into the game with their backs against the wall. In the last four meetings between the teams, Herzliya won all of them, and their last away victory over the team from Sharon happened somewhere in 2008. Following the victory, the Reds managed to record another achievement in the form of stopping the sad streak.

Roy Huber (Gil Neuman)

Bnei Herzliya scored: Maurice Kemp 17 points, Quinton Hawker and Julian Gamble 11 pts, Andy Van Vliet 8 pts, Oded Brandwein, Gabe and Vair Kravitz 5 pts, Chris Babb 4 pts and Sandy Cohen 2 pts .

La Hapoel scored an upper roll: Roy Huber 21 points and 5 assists, Daishon Booker and Nimrod Levy 12 points, Devin Marble and Wayne Langston 10 points, Bryce Washington 9 points, Lotan Amsalem 8 points, Itai Moshkovich 3 points and Vihal Melamed 2 points ‘.

First quarter – 9:26 p.m. Hapoel Upper Galilee

At the very beginning, Booker rose to a three-pointer and raised Galil Alyon to 0:3. Van Vliet returned with his own layup, Washington rose to another three for the guests, but the Belgian scored once more and drew a foul, 5:6 for Galil Hareel. Both teams continued to do a good defensive job and missed a lot. Marble came in instead of Amsalem after it committed a foul, went up for a big three and increased the gap temporarily, 13:17 to Galilee.

The pace of three-pointers continued with two tremendous jumps by Nimrod Levy and Quinton Hawker on the other hand, when Maurice Kemp put the hosts back on track, a 20:20 tie with 2:30 left in the quarter. Precisely after it seemed that Herzliya would surpass itself, Upper Galilee went on a good streak of 6 points, and at the end of the quarter it was 21:26 to the Reds.

Dayshawn Booker vs. Maurice Kemp (Gil Neumann)Dayshawn Booker vs. Maurice Kemp (Gil Neumann)

Second quarter – 31:51 Hapoel Galil Upper

Herzliya is struggling to score, when on the other hand Langston and Huber increased the gap to double digits for the first time in the game, 21:31 to Galilee. The visitors’ formidable run continued with good ability as they batted first to every ball. Hoover, who looked great, managed to hit two consecutive 3-pointers to increase the lead to 25:43.

The northerners continue to be accurate in three-pointers. Nimrod Levy went on a 5-point run as the lead continued to grow, 10:25 at the end of the quarter and 31:51 at the end of the first half.

Nimrod Levy (Gil Neuman)Nimrod Levy (Gil Neuman)

Third quarter – 57:63 to Hapoel Galil Upper

Herzliya started the second half well with a run of 5 points, but the northerners returned a similar run of their own, 36:56. Aharoni’s group attacks in an excellent way led by Gamble and Kemp and managed to reduce the gap to single digits at the end of the quarter, 57:63 for the guests.

Barak Peleg (Gil Neuman)Barak Peleg (Gil Neuman)

Fourth quarter – 68:87 for Hapoel Galil Upper

Roy Huber went up for a three-pointer and scored his 15th tonight, when Levin responded with his own layup on the other side, 59:66 for the Reds. After minutes in which neither team was able to get a good momentum going, Galil took advantage of the shaky defensive ability on the part of Aharoni’s trainees and went up to a gap of 17 points, with 63:80 with 3:30 left in the game.

Towards the end, Upper Galilee continued its good run with Marble and Langston when at the end it managed to win the quarter 11:24, and 68:87 at the end.

Itai Moshkovitch celebrates (Gil Neuman)Itai Moshkovitch celebrates (Gil Neuman)

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