Galli Della Loggia: «De Luca vaccinated first? Nobody asked him to lead by example “

twelve o’clock, 25 March 2021 – 07:22

And on the Crisis Unit: I don’t understand what a structure is used for that should be agile to help deal with the emergency, and which, on the contrary, swells with presences

of The angel Agrippa

A task force that looks more like a condominium assembly than a strategic coordination center to fight the Covid epidemic in Campania. Ernesto Galli della Loggia, historian, columnist of the Corriere della Sera, for some time that he indignantly denounces the autocratic distortions of regional autonomies. I followed this strange story of the Campania crisis unit, with a large number of people, including some who would also be vaccinated – he begins -. But I don’t understand what a structure is used for which should be agile in itself to help the Region deal with the emergency, and which, on the contrary, is swollen with presences..

They are bodies set up in all Regions, although not as hospitable as in Campania. But what doesn’t convince you?

I know that in this case too we are faced with miserable caricatures that the so-called governors enjoy drawing in imitation of the central government. And through these operations that also increase their image, as evidenced by the increasingly widespread tendency to define themselves as governors, surrounding themselves with completely useless organisms. I understand that the councilor for health must be part of the crisis unit, since all the health managers operating in the area report to him, but what do the other components do?

Look that in Campania there is no councilor for health, in truth there are also those for culture and transport.

But allowed by the regional statute? And the regional councilors accept all this? Are you perhaps telling me, practically, that in Campania as if the regional council did not exist ?.

No, no. It exists, but some important and strategic proxies are jealously guarded in a safe by President De Luca. Why not could it be considered, instead, a concentrated assumption of presidential responsibility?

Macch responsibility. It confirms that in Campania there is no regional institution, the Deluchian monarchy is in force. a truly grotesque situation.

The President of the Draghi Council reproached the Regions on the different vaccination campaigns they are conducting, accusing them of not thinking about the elderly and the frail. But above all, the premier was able to recover the value of a calm and unifying institutional style which, on the other hand, seems to have been completely lost at the local level. Why?

If the excessive power that the Regions have grabbed for themselves is a phenomenon that affects the whole of Italy, the style of government is a habit that changes from person to person. Zaia’s or Bonaccini’s style, not De Luca’s. Boldrini another: have you seen how it treats its employees? There are people who believe they are the tsar or the tsarina and who, simply, are there to play their public role.

De Luca complains that he was attacked in the media for having offered his arm in pose to the public, ready to challenge the vaccine injection. He says, however, that he did so only to give an example to the many who at that time doubted the vaccine. Don’t you think that sometimes people go too far in contesting it?

I don’t think anyone asked him to lead by example and I don’t think there was any need. He did it the first day, how did he know there was a need to instill courage? Who, then? It doesn’t seem to me that the people of Campania were so wary of the vaccine. I would have understood if he had done so after a month and with mass desertions, as happened in France in the presence of a broad resistance front. But on the first day, why?

However, De Luca says one thing that is not wrong: and that without the Regions, the State would not have done better in the action to combat the pandemic.

Well, easy to turn the omelette over after he and his colleagues, for years, have done nothing but pick the central state, reducing it to rubble. a truly unique way of arguing: the disintegration of the state, the history of the regional institution of the last twenty years. Under the eyes of all there is not the absence of the state from the territories, but the dbacle of territorial governments. This is a truth that animates the battle of many, which I share, ready to support the urgent need to restore the nation-state with all its peripheral articulations which in recent years have been literally overwhelmed by the regions.

March 25, 2021 | 07:22

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