Galtier confirmed that it will be Messi’s last game at PSG

Galtier confirmed that it will be Messi’s last game at PSG

2023-06-01 13:40:17

“I had the privilege of coaching the best player in the history of football. It will be Leo’s last game at the Parc des Princes against Clermont, and I hope he receives the warmest of welcomes..”. Thus, with those words, Cristophe Galtier ended Lionel Messi’s cycle at PSG. The coach confirmed what was an open secret: the Argentine is not going to renew his relationship beyond June 30 and will look for a new sporting destination.

Galtier confirmed that it will be Messi’s last game.

The DT was in charge of filling the Argentine with praise and gave an extensive response when naturally asked if it was going to be the last game of the seven-time Ballon d’Or winner. “This year he has been an important piece of the team, he has always been available. I don’t think any of the comments or criticisms are justified. When you have a season with the World Cup on the horizon and you end up with statistics of 21 goals and 20 assists… He’s always been there for the team. It has been a great privilege to be with him throughout the season.”

Messi landed at PSG in August 2021, after his departure from Barcelona. It was difficult for him to adapt in his first year but he completed a great second season, with brilliant numbers: 21 goals and 20 assists in 41 games, plus the conquest of Ligue 1. The pending account? The Champions League, where the team was left out in the round of 16 against Bayern Munich.

The elimination against Bayern, the hardest moment.The elimination against Bayern, the hardest moment.

In this way, this Saturday, from 4:00 p.m. in our country, Leo will play his last game in Ligue 1 in France against Clermont.

Inter Miami stomps on Messi, advances and even thinks about surrounding him

Messi with Beckham in Paris.Messi with Beckham in Paris.

What will become of Lionel Messi’s career? About to have his last game in Ligue 1 champion PSG and celebrate it in the Parc des Princes (they presented the new shirt), he is already thinking about the after. And beyond the fact that he looked with affection at Barcelona’s chance, what is clear is that there was and is not a formal proposal, since for that the club must have the OK from La Liga on the budget. And meanwhile, the one that is putting together a strategy at a steady pace is Inter Miami, none other than the one that has Beckham as one of the visible faces of the club and one of the owners along with Jorge Mas and José Mas.

He is the best player in the world and one of the most popular celebrities, so it is clear that nothing is resolved quickly. The first concrete and millionaire offer that there was is from Al Hilal of Saudi Arabia, they lost a lot of ground precisely because there is no conviction of a change of life in Saudi Arabia and because of sports, a football of a lesser caliber in which Cristiano plays and lost ground in the last times. And in this context, Inter Miami is preparing something firm and strong to seduce Leo, who has been interested in the possibility of settling in Miami for a long time. The contract proposal would be for two or more years and the United States team advances to stay with Leo, with high chances of hitting a plenary session as the hours go by.


As I advance Olé, Messi’s idea is to define his future in the next few days. He doesn’t want to hang around for a long time. And pay attention to something no less: the MLS is being played now and it ends in October. With which, in the event of arrival at Inter, it would not take long to arrive, perhaps until after the Seleccion friendlies. Unlike what would be Barcelona or a Premier club, which have a summer break before starting the preseason.

As they told olé From Miami, Inter already has a draft of the important offer and they are even aware that they must hire some figures to surround Messi. This is day by day, today the trend is that Inter is coming strong and the wind is blowing for the United States. It must also be taken into account that the Copa América will be played in that country next year and also the 2026 World Cup, together with Mexico and Canada.

So while Arabia has already played its card, Barcelona cannot make a proposal because it does not have the ok from LaLiga, Inter Miami gets in (and today not to lend it later but to have it in the team) and with great optimism to stay with Messi.

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