Gamaleya Center found revaccination more effective than the first vaccination – RBC

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The effect of vaccination begins to decline after six to eight months, during which time you need to do a booster vaccine. Moreover, the effect of it is usually 1.6 times greater than after the first vaccination

The effectiveness of revaccination exceeds the effect of primary vaccination against coronavirus by about 1.6 times, said Deputy Director of the Center. Gamalei Denis Logunov at a meeting with President Vladimir Putin. A transcript of their conversation has been published on the Kremlin’s website.

Logunov noted that, according to the data on the incidence rate in Russia and abroad, six to eight months after the first vaccination, a decrease in its effectiveness is observed. In order to compensate for this decrease, revaccination is used.

“I can already say absolutely precisely and definitely that both according to our data and from foreign data, according to international practice, it is clear that the introduction of the third dose, the introduction of revaccination into medical practice leads to the fact that this decrease [компенсируется, и эффективность вакцинации] returns to the initial level and, moreover, even somewhere in 1.6 – twice as high as even after the first vaccination. I mean efficiency, and this can be judged precisely by the morbidity index, “Logunov explained. He added that this approach worked well and therefore entered the recommendations of all the leading regulators in the world.

Virologist Chumakov said about the “alarm signal” before revaccination

According to the deputy director of the Center. Gamaleya, now the epidemiological situation in Russia is on the rise and in such unfavorable conditions, revaccination is recommended to be done every six months. If the situation is more stable, it can be done once a year.

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